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jordan Posted: Jan 23rd 2008

On The Way To College This Morning I Thought Of These:
(i will tell you my related answers too)
Your Animation Projects:

1. How Long You Been Working On It For?

(2008 is my 3rd year, modelmaking and sets to be completed but most are made)

2. Do You have Less Time To Work On York Project?

(College & them driving lessons, are taking all my time up 7-4 College weekly (im off on friday though) Saturdays for now driving lessons!)

3. How long roughly to you spend making a character?

(Ive Now Got it down to 1 Day if ive got everything or 2 days to complete)

4. When Designing A Character Do You Draw Different Versions Or Just do one sketch and make it)

(For Me , One Sketch & make it unless theres a feature i cant do on the model so i slightly change it)

5. How Much Detail do you put into sets and characters?

(over the last 3 years the detail in my sets and charcters has been the upmost importance in my films)

6. How Long Roughly Do You Want Your Anaimtion To Last For?
(this all depends for me when everything is edited in post production)

7. is there enough rooom for you to build sets and have them on display an access them easily?

(for me No! lol i have too much stuff and the main set has trook over my desk for 5 months and my outdoors landsacpe set is huge which normally goes behind me to where in sat now)

8. Time After Time ( as in my thread title) is a song by Elliot Minor!

9.Phew Nearly Finished!

10. WOO FINISHED! please post your answers

sorry for the spellimg mistakes, i cant be bothered to edit it.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 23rd 2008

Wow, a novel, Jordan. I will reply to them later when I've got time to read it. Sorry.

jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

a novel lol, ah no problem take your time yours might have longer answers! :O

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Thanks. :)

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