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Wilsations Animations Posted: Jul 25th 2011

Post pictures or list your collection or prized item from your collection, I know that this thread has been done before on numerouse occations but no one know where to find it so that is why I have made one again. Please post and continue to use this thread in the future.

Many thanks


My collection includes things like:

Walking, Talking original Shaun
Wind-up plush Gromit
Gromit money box
Wallace resin
Wallace window cleaner resin
Wallace hammock resin
Wallace gardening resin
Gromit resin
Gromit with raised ears resin
Feathers resin
Preston resin
Shaun cheese dish resin
Shaving mirror
Close Shave shaving bowl and brush
Close Shave razor holder
Close Shave toothbrush holder
Shaun the Sheep soapdish
Shaun Tree Topper
Feathers measures up plate
Climb and Clean Gromit
Talking Radio Alarm Clock
Talking Alarm Clock
Gromit Soap on a Rope
Gromit slippers
Mug and Keychain Set
Waving Gromit
Remote Control Anti-Pesto Van
Gromit Soap Dish with Soap
Toiletry Rollbag Gift Set
Thermo-Nose Mugs
The Tea-Stor-Matic Tea Caddy
Wallace Garden Ornament
Gromit Garden Ornament
Christmas key-rings
Wash-n-go play house
All original mini figures
All McFarlene figures
Gromit in plane stationary set
Playing cards
DVD in tin Ltd Edition
All DVDs
Original Motorbike Aifix
Motorbike/plane Airfix
Anti-pesto Van Aifix
Shaun the sheep tractor Airfix
Shaun the sheep jeep Airfix
All W&G comics(i'm in one)
All Shaun the sheep comics
Anti-pesto clock
Robert Harrop musical rocket
Robert Harrop Piella
Robert Harrop Fluffles
Robert Harrop Manikan
Robert Harrop Gromit Crufts
Coalport Do something Gromit
Coalport Ready for Take off
Coalport Feathers disguise
Coalport Happy birthday Gromit
Coalport Woolshop Encounter
Original bookend
Japanese folder
Japanese bendable Wallace
Japanese Wrong trousers window stick on
Preston hand puppet
Wallace hand puppet
Gromit hand puppet
Shaun hand puppet
Nick parks autograph
Comic certificate
Gromit bath plug
Wallace and Gromit cufflinks
Gromit and Shaun cufflinks
Kingsmill Lunchbox 1st one
Kingsmill Oven gloves
Kingsmill Toaster van
Wallace cork screw
Wallace bottle stopper
Wallace and Gromit heads large Salt and Pepper pots
Wallace Salt pot
Wendolene Salt pot
Gromit pepper pot
Feathers pepper pot
Wallace egg cup
Shaun egg cup
Wendolene egg cup
Preston egg cup
Annual 2006
Annual 2007
Annual 2008
Annual 2009
Annual 2011
STS Annual 2011
Wooly World of STS
World of W&G
Grand Adventures and Glorious Inventions
COTWR Novelization
COTWR Comic book
COTWR Ladybird book
COTWR Visual Dictionary
TWT Storyboard collection
ACS Storyboard collection
Complete Art of W&G collection
Cracking Animation(yellow)
Cheese Lovers book
Wrong Trousers Activity book
Feng Shaun
The Joy of Shaun
It Take Two
A Dogs Day
World of Invention book
Fleeced board game
Going Crackers board game
Perfect Cuppa Mug
Water Rocket
Fidget Pen
Inventors Kit
Invention Alarm Clock
Timer cooker oven
Gromit phone charm
COTWR Bed sheets
ACS Bed sheets
ACS Curtains
Shaun toastie maker
COTWR Ltd Edition Statue 1
COTWR Ltd Edition Statue 2
COTWR Ltd Edition Statue 3
PG Tips Tin and Mug
World of Knowledge folders(all 7)
Stationary box
Ltd Edition Rain coat Gromit teddy
Ltd Edition Gromit in plane teddy
Ltd Edition Wallace in wrong trousers teddy
Ltd Edition Wallace on sofa teddy
1998 Calender
2000 Calender
2007 Calender
2009 Calender
2011 Calender

gromit05man Posted: Jul 26th 2011

this is all the ones i can think of:

W&G 3 Cracking Adventures DVD
W&G Cracking Contraptions DVD
W&G Curse Of The Were-Rabbit DVD
W&G Matter Of Loaf & Death DVD
W&G World Of Invention DVD
W&G Curtains
W&G Bed Sheets & Pillow Case
W&G Flair Plasticene Model Kit
W&G Gromit Pencil Top
W&G Food Trays
W&G Comic Collection from 2007
W&G Gromit Plush that sticks to the window
W&G Spirit Pen
W&G McFarlane Action Figures
W&G Fidget Pen Top
W&G Grand Adventures Episode 1 & 2 Computor Game
W&G Grand Adventures Episode 3 & 4 Computor Game
W&G Gromit Plush Toy
W&G A Close Shave Shaun Plush Toy
W&G Gromit Foot Stool
W&G 1000 Piece Double Sided Jigsaw
W&G 1000 Piece Christmas Stamp Jigsaw
W&G 500 Piece Puppy Love Jigsaw
W&G 100 Piece Rabbit Jigsaw
W&G 60 Piece Train Chase Jigsaw
W&G Were-Rabbit DVD Game
W&G Talking Birthday Card
W&G Essential Guide Book
W&G Grand Adventures & Glourious Inventions Book
W&G Catch Of The Day Book
W&G Whippet Vanished Book
W&G Plots In Space Book
W&G Christmas Stamp Mug
W&G Gromit PG Tips Thermo-Nose Mug
W&G "Job Well Done, Lad" Mug
W&G Limited Edition Print
W&G 20th Aniversary Playing Cards
W&G 2007 Calendar
W&G 2010 Calendar
W&G Budding Inventor Collection
W&G Annual 2007

probably more if i think

gromit05man Posted: Jul 26th 2011

W&G Anti-Pesto Van Airfix Model Kit

evastar7 Posted: Aug 3rd 2011

gulp what is alot of a colletion ! :O

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Aug 4th 2011

yh i know :D

Wilsations Animations Posted: Aug 7th 2011

Anymore collections?

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 8th 2011

W&G complete colection DVDs
Victor qoutermaine action figure
Thats about it i don't have a lot

iantimothy Posted: Aug 9th 2011

Hard for us Americans, ain't it!

Wilsations Animations Posted: Aug 9th 2011

Lol, Ebay normaly have some good stuff from the US

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 9th 2011

i know right!?!

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