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masha72981 Posted: Jul 30th 2011

I am currently using a demo version of SAM animation, but it isn't that great. Does any one know of any good free software (other than stop motion pro)? Thanks ;)

cheesehead302 Posted: Jul 30th 2011

yea i need one to but i need it to be still cam cause i dont hav a web cam but heres one that requires a web cam : monket jam google it

cheesehead302 Posted: Jul 30th 2011

oh sorry monkey jam

scottdaros Posted: Aug 1st 2011

I've never used any free stop motion software, but if I were you I would save up and buy Dragon, it's absolutely the best stop motion software I've ever used!

angryboy45 Posted: Aug 1st 2011

hue is good. not free but can buy it with webcam and modelling clay quite reasonably

evastar7 Posted: Aug 1st 2011

i am not much help sorry dont know any anmation program... but i do know only one its on a apple laptop its called imovie ;)

Asa peters Posted: Aug 2nd 2011

I use istopmotion|-)

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