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nam man06 Posted: Jul 31st 2011

A while ago there was a thread about this topic but it seemed to have vanished out of cyberspace entirely so i decided to bring it back up, feel free to delete this thread if you find it pointless. Anyway, i decided to make this thread as i was officaily diagnosed of asbergers syndrome last month (i was told that i "might" have it the previous year).
If you don't know what Aspergers sydrome is then read this awkard book:
if you can't be bothered with that then look it up on wikipedia.
- Alex 8)

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 9th 2011

I didn't see this thread until now, but, as you probably know because I'm the one who started the last thread, I have aspergers syndrome, too. (There were alot of comments in that past sentence, weren't there! ) At least were different than most people in our own and special ways. And besides, my aspergers syndrome has made me smarter than most people! It also, for some reason, automatically makes my brain turn every motion I see into frames, (or pictures) around 24 fps. It gets annoying, but God made me special. So, my aspergers benefits me with my animation skills. That's about all, stay cool nam man06! :D

Piggy199 Posted: Aug 10th 2011

good for you harryboy8080! :)

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 10th 2011

Whats it like living with asbergers syndrome if you don't mind me asking?

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 10th 2011

one of my friends has aspergers he is a really cool guy :D

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 12th 2011

Chicken licken, honestly, sometimes I feel just like everyone else. My family and friends are supportive and make me feel great. Besides the fact that I do get unsocial, obsessive, and insecure, I get really bothered by the fact that sometimes I see everything in frames when I really don't want to. But, it is what it is. :)

nam man06 Posted: Aug 14th 2011

thanks for the coments everybody... |-)

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