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Nathan M Posted: Aug 6th 2011

Anyone here starting year 13 soon? if so are you finding it hard to drop a subject, because we have to do 3 instead of 4 and I have no idea what to drop. lol.

I currently do: graphics, art, business and ICT. there all good and its really hard to drop one of them.

anyone else having this problem?

fluffles the poodle Posted: Aug 6th 2011

Hey, ive just left year 13 and am nervously awaiting my results.What I would say is last year for me, it was when i got my aslevel results that it became clear what i should drop (Maths because I failed XD).Also do you know what your planning to do after year 13,if your thinking of going to uni do you know what subjects you need for the course your thinking of doing,that should also help you figure out whats best to drop.

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 7th 2011

I'm starting my GCSE when i get back and i had to drop one subject so i dropped Fench (yey) |-)

Nathan M Posted: Aug 11th 2011

@fluffles the poodle, I get my As results on the 18th, I am currently planning on dropping ICT and keeping art, business and graphics. Keeping graphics for sure, but when I get my results I may drop the worst grade. I hope you get good results!

@Chicken lickin, Good luck when starting Gsce's! I remember when I started them and its gone so fast since them, time has just flew by.

cheesehead302 Posted: Aug 17th 2011

im in 6th grade

Michael2008 Posted: Sep 8th 2011

Hey, I've just started year 13 too! It is hard deciding what to drop; as I wanted to keep media! I'm now doing English Language and Literature, Film studies and Art. The best of luck with this year anyways.

And to everyone I hope you all get on ok in the new year!

Nathan M Posted: Sep 8th 2011

I dropped art lol, seems like a lot of work. I do Business studies, Graphics and ICT now. Good luck with year 13!

Michael2008 Posted: Sep 29th 2011

Thanks you too!

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