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chicken lickin Posted: Aug 7th 2011

hi all, When i go back to school in september i will begin my gcse and i was hoping some of you where sharing the same worry of gcse!!!, If you are starting your GCSE or have done them please can you make a comment to help me stop worrying. It would be very helpful!:)

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Aug 7th 2011

me is not going back to school i've left:D

bubbles14 Posted: Aug 9th 2011

im about to start my gcse courses and i know how you feel. i get worried as well about if i fail certain subjects and if i forget things. my mam keeps telling me that the best you can do is try your best because thats all you can do |-)

Gromits little bro Posted: Aug 9th 2011

A2 :/

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 9th 2011

yes thatts what my mum says but i just still worry because its my gcse :-| thanks for the resurence guys;)

Nathan M Posted: Aug 11th 2011

I remember not as much worrying in year 10 about gsce's but then in year 11 I tryed harder on coursework as I wanted to do As the year after, And now hopefully A2 soon. I thought gsce was hard at the time but now i look back i think it was ok :) all you can do it just try your best.

@Gromits little bro, I totally understand the :/ next to your A2 comment lol, apparently its going to be way harder than the previous year!

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 11th 2011

Thanks for the resurence, i wish you the best in a2|-)

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