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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 9th 2011

Mike Prankerd, a garden shed inventor and Wallace & Gromit fan, popped into Aardman HQ last week to show off his latest creation – a life-size replica of the motorbike and sidecar used by Wallace & Gromit in A Close Shave!

Mike restored an old motorbike, found a suitable-looking sidecar and added lots of special extras including a cheese box, "WAL 1" numberplate, plus levers for tea, wings and porridge! He even made his own Gromit to go in the passenger seat!

Nick Park, creator of our favourite animated duo, met Mike and introduced him to the original motorbike and sidecar used in the film – I think you’ll agree there’s a very good likeness!

After visiting Aardman, Mike took his bike down to the Bristol Harbour Festival to help raise money for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, who help provide comforts and facilities for patients and their families whilst in Bristol Children’s Hospital and St Michael’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The Grand Appeal raised £528 over the weekend – cracking job, team!

Aardeej Posted: Aug 9th 2011

Wow that's great! :O

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 9th 2011

That's really good. I read about this motor bike in the motorcycling section of the telegraph newspaper a few months ago and it tells you all about how he made it and how he modelled it on a toothbrush holder he has. I don't know whether any one else saw it too?

cheesehead302 Posted: Aug 9th 2011

dude how ur the ultimate wandg fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(well second hehe :bigsmile:)

Sheepish22 Posted: Aug 10th 2011


mcqueen712 Posted: Aug 10th 2011


katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 10th 2011

Glad you all like it - it was amazing to see in real life, I think Nick enjoyed it too!
Gromitsbuddyinginventor - do you have a link to the article you read?

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 10th 2011

Katie - here it is. It looked a bit different in the paper but I think the article is the same:

evastar7 Posted: Aug 14th 2011

thats just grand !

Nancy1 Posted: Aug 19th 2011

Cracking sidecar!! Well done Mike

Gromit lad Posted: Aug 27th 2011

I think a lot of people attempted an actual replica, but this ones best one so far. First of all, for the buttons and levers and etc inside the side car, lol.

lad...just dont actually try to drive it off a cliff. Wings not included.

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