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mqueen9557 Posted: Aug 10th 2011

What are your favorite things to do. You must only choose 5 of your favorite things to do.

My top 5 favorite things to do:
5. Watch TV
4. Play Video Games
3. Draw
2. Play with Legos
1. Read books that aren't funny to old men. XD >:-)

Now it's you're turn. :D
Have Fun!!!!1!1

Nathan M Posted: Aug 11th 2011

My top 5 favorite things to do are:

5) Reading Harry Potter books.
4) Watching Tv.
3) Facebook games such as restuarant city and the sims social.
2) Ps3 games such as Harry Potter, Red dead redemption, Gta, etc
1) Using my laptop to do stuff!

mqueen9557 Posted: Aug 13th 2011

Wow Nathan! You must be a Harry Potter Expert;)

Nathan M Posted: Aug 13th 2011

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 14th 2011

My favorite things to do are:

5) be outside, just doing random stuff.
4) go out somewhere fun e.g. flanmigo land!!!
3) playing on my tranpoline
2) DRAWING!!!!!
1) seeing friends and family

evastar7 Posted: Aug 19th 2011

my favourite things to do are

1 reading books

2 swimming

3 drawing

4 going for walk

5 going on the wallace and gromit website

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 19th 2011

My favorite things to do are:

5.Reading books(mostly animation books)

4.go outside and swim(or just go outside)

3.watching TV

2.playing on the computer(going on Facebook and stuff like that)


wallace05man Posted: Aug 19th 2011

5. Animating

4. Drawing

3. Playing on the Nintendo Wii (games like Call Of Duty, Mario Kart)

2. Going on the trampoline

1. Playing with my kittens Ozzy & Lola

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Jan 8th 2013

I like to,write,invent,discover and forecast weather.

wandgfanatic Posted: Jan 8th 2013

My five favourite things to do are: archery, drawing, video games, reading and learning languages.

abhijith Posted: Jan 9th 2013

All but I`ll take a little bit sleep

ARC-1999816 Posted: Jan 9th 2013

my favorite things to do are airsoft,archery,lacrosse,video games and reading

daisychimp Posted: Jan 9th 2013

probably: watching TV, going on the computer, playing I pod games, rollarskating, eating nice food and writing :D 

23192319 Posted: Jan 9th 2013

Same as you Mqueen9557!!!

daisychimp Posted: Jan 10th 2013

Oh and I love harry potter!
Me and my friend are always talking about it and drawing the deathly hallows on our wrists :D

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Jan 15th 2013

Making a large amount of noise! (piano and trombone)
...and eating or baking yummy stuff like cupcakes! :D

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 15th 2013

Playin xbox
watchin tv
badminton and basketball

maritsa123 Posted: Jan 15th 2013

i love to swim! (especailly doing sprints in frontcrawl!)
i have to swimming three times a week! and one of those time i have to wake up at 7 on saturday morning to go swimming!!

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