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PrettyPrincess Posted: Aug 15th 2011

Okay, everyone, listen up!
We're going to make a story that goes up to 50 messages and when the 50 messages are finished I'm going to post the whole story in 1 topic!
Let's begin!

Wallace and Gromit made a machine that...

Your turn to finish the sentence!

Gromit lad Posted: Aug 15th 2011

Could teleport them out of Clay World, to Aardman studios, as their mini sizes...


evastar7 Posted: Aug 16th 2011

was scared because didnt like traveling

nam man06 Posted: Aug 17th 2011

then a meteor destroyed aardman studios

cheesehead302 Posted: Aug 17th 2011

but then they started dissolving because nick parks dead so they were never created

cheesehead302 Posted: Aug 17th 2011

and they quikly made a machine that brought nick back to life

evastar7 Posted: Aug 19th 2011

then everyone was happy and ate cream cracker LOL|-)

edmond Posted: Aug 20th 2011

but the cream crackers were off :O

evastar7 Posted: Aug 20th 2011

so they went to tescos and brought more crackers

nam man06 Posted: Aug 21st 2011

then a mysterious man was waiting in the corner of the shop and he uttered "DON'T GO OUTSIDE..." but no matter what the man had said Wallace curiously peekd round the sliding doors and saw before him...

evastar7 Posted: Aug 21st 2011

a giant cheese block !

cheesehead302 Posted: Aug 23rd 2011

and he nearly passed out

evastar7 Posted: Aug 24th 2011

gromit was trying to stop wallace eating the cheese block but it was know use, wallace ate every crumb !

Gromit lad Posted: Aug 27th 2011

Wallaces stomach uproared and started inflating like a balloon, only to find out that since he always ate clay cheese, he couldnt hold down the sensation of real cheese.


evastar7 Posted: Aug 28th 2011

then Wallace said to gromit "i will give up cheese but i still like crackers"!

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