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waldo15 Posted: Aug 15th 2011

Will you please tell your friends and tell your friends to tell their friends about my new youtube channel?!

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 19th 2011

Nice channel!
I love Elliot's eyes!!!!

waldo15 Posted: Aug 20th 2011

Thank you!!!

lilnouri Posted: Oct 8th 2011

That's nice

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 8th 2011

By posting this, it could be considered advertising.

iantimothy Posted: Oct 8th 2011

No it doesn't, He is putting a link to his youtube channel so we can see his lovely animation, if so, I, as well as others have "advertised" probably hundreds of times.

Nathan M Posted: Oct 9th 2011

Its animation so its allowed. Amazing channel.

Darkspaz Posted: Oct 9th 2011

nathan m put it quite simply IT'S ANIMATION as in Wallace and Gromit ANIMATION

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 9th 2011

I'm not talking about his animations, nevertheless; I'm not talking about anyone else's, either. He's telling us to to tell our friends to tell their friends about his YouTube channel. Therefore it is considered advertising. Cracking channel though!

waldo15 Posted: Oct 10th 2011


iantimothy Posted: Oct 10th 2011

without yes, but it's "advertising" his animations, he is just asking people to tell others about his work, you can't expect anyone to get very far if you don't put yourself out there. when it says in the rules no advertising it means don't put links to products or other unrelated things.

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 10th 2011

Sorry for the confusion. I jumped on something I shouldn't have so quickly, I should've viewed the link before yelling at him.

waldo15 Posted: Oct 11th 2011

I don't mean to advertize, I just had some animations that were not on this website yet.
Sorry for the confusion.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 20th 2012

if u could have a look at my youtube channel
its called FunkyRandomBanana
i don't hav many with plastecine but i do hav a few

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