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i love wallce and gromit Posted: Aug 16th 2011

i think wallace and gromit should go on tour around the uk. or aardman should
what do you think?
what should they do on there tour?
e.g show how they make wallace and gromit

Aardeej Posted: Aug 16th 2011

There have been a few exhibitions.

On the subject as a theatre tour, I did read somewhere that there was a stage play based on a Grand Day Out a few years ago.

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 16th 2011

yes there was Aardeej, and i've seen how wallace and gromit have been made in books and 1 time even on newsround. If you want to see how wallace and gromit is made there are websites and videos on you tube:)

wallace05man Posted: Aug 16th 2011

and also in a wallace and gromit book i have, there was a live stage show of a close shave

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 18th 2011

yes my dads got that book!!!:O

Ben5463 Posted: Aug 18th 2011

Yes I have That Book To is It Something Like The Grand Adventures

FreddieRodgers Posted: Aug 19th 2011

They should go on tour around the world! cuz i want to see them too :D

chris100 Posted: Sep 28th 2011

hello people

chris100 Posted: Sep 28th 2011


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