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i love wallce and gromit Posted: Aug 17th 2011

is wallace married and what does his paranets lokk like?
where did gromit come from? a rescues shelter or from a friend?

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 17th 2011

wallace isn't married, hes had gromit since he was a puppy so he most likely got him from a breeder and wallace is ment to be about 50 yrs old so both his parents may have past away. I think thoses sort of question are the ones that remain a mystery.:)

Fluffles1456 Posted: Feb 22nd 2012

Well apparently Gromit is a Beagle and Wallace has had since he was a puppy. Wallaces birthday is on the 7th August (Unknown year)
His parents are probobly dead.

wallace05man Posted: Feb 22nd 2012

i think you know the answer to that question

Fionah Posted: Feb 22nd 2012

How do you know it is on the 7th August? I thought it was unknown

evastar7 Posted: Feb 22nd 2012


samuelhayward Posted: Mar 8th 2012

It says on wikipedia

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