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wallace05man Posted: Aug 17th 2011

here you can post your favourite line or name of their favourite song and post a link for that song. (i know someone has made a thread of this before but that got lost somewhere)
don't post the link if the song is rude)
my current favourite songs are

Tenacious D - Master Exploder

Tenacious D - Kickapoo

Kinks - All Day & All Of The Night

The Doors - Touch Me

AC/DC - A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock N' Roll

Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

The Ramones - Rockaway Beach

Kiaser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat

Muse - Take A Bow

Black Sabbath - Hard Road

Drowning Pool - Bodies

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Aug 18th 2011

i have a thread on here called favourite songs:-(

Roosterlee Posted: Aug 18th 2011

Wallace05man might not of known their was already a Song thread.

wallace05man Posted: Aug 18th 2011

exactly, i didn't know there was a song thread.

wallace05man Posted: Aug 18th 2011

and besides, the last post on your thread was in Febuary, so i couldn't find it because it would've been very far back in the posts

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 18th 2011

the song i like the most right now is......your song by ellie golding, it's the only song i can sing well heeeheeeheee:D i also like next to you by justin bieber and chris brown although i don't really like them LOL:)

wallace05man Posted: Aug 18th 2011

my current favourite band is Tenacious D which is Jack Blacks band

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Aug 23rd 2011

don't post on here post on mine:D

wallace05man Posted: Aug 23rd 2011

hey kld, that is quite mean and unfair. i already said i didn't know you had a thread with the same name

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