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puppylove Posted: Aug 19th 2011

peaple i really need your help:-(somehow i blockt my buddies page and i dont know how to unblock it.if you help me... ill be your best buddyyy;)

puppylove Posted: Aug 21st 2011

do you all hate me or what? please just say anything:'(

cleasby99 Posted: Sep 4th 2011

Hey puppy love, I'm sorry i've only just found this forum. If you still can't unblock them then you should email Kirsten on this adress :
she will reply to you within about a week. Hope this helps

puppylove Posted: Sep 4th 2011

thank you, i was really getting despreate.if i can unblock my buddies i will be eternaly grateful

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 26th 2011

Hi puppylove, sorry for our delayed reply to you, have you sorted your buddy problem now? If not, just click on 'edit' by your username at the top of the page and you can change the buddies settings there

puppylove Posted: Oct 31st 2011

so YOUR kirstenw:Oi souted out my problem a long time ago but thanks i guess

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