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puppylove Posted: Aug 23rd 2011

peaple whats is your favorite tipe of "studio"i like alot of them like aardman,dreamworks,universal,colombia... but most of all dreamworks|-););)tell whats yours:Dthere are some that i evendont like(anymore)like disney.dont be shie

puppylove Posted: Sep 9th 2011

come on guys,your telling me you dont have a favorite?i dont mind if its disney

Fionah Posted: Nov 16th 2011

my favourite studio is definitely aardman

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Apr 5th 2013

walt disney and rockstar north

bowserjr Posted: Apr 12th 2013

Ghibli, the Japanese Studio that made Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and many others..

iantimothy Posted: Apr 12th 2013

where'd we dig this thread up from?

in no particular order,
Aardman, LAIKA, Disney.
but there are so many great independant animators as well! 

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