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jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Wednesday 23rd and Today the 24th

This Site Hasnt Been This Quiet Before! :-)

its amazing one or 2 replys to posts but thats about it. its weird.

cinders1 Posted: Jan 24th 2008

im here jordan!!! i read all the posts but i dont always add a comment, some things have already been said, but as you said the site has calmed down, i think alot probably got a bit fed up with all the carrying ons over the last few weeks and will come back when they see that things have sorted themselves out;)

jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

yeh i agree its actually nice not having to click through 10 threads with "new reply" to find its just utter rubish. its more relaxing when its quiet and you dont have to constantly refresh every minute. to see the whole general chat displaying "new reply"

so whats conty upto at the moment then? is he going put putting for things on DeviantART? i allways add them, to my favourites on there

cinders1 Posted: Jan 24th 2008

hes been poorly for about the last 5 days but hes back to himself now and eating me out of house and home!!! hes in the middle of making some models for his animation and hes almost finished a larger piece, a gorillas head made from newclay its looking good but i think he said he was going to try and add a hair effect to him, but school days are tough as he gets tons of homework everynight so hes not always in the mood to get creating, sometimes he just wants to veg,
you must find it the same if your at collage all day, sometimes its hard to get everything in;) how are you getting on with your movie?

jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

hope he gets better soon, ive had a cough for the last 3 weeks which im sick of and yes college takes up all my time :( and driving lessons cant wait till i dont have to do them anymore!

my film is still on going ive got 5 characters made but none have legs yet and some need heads designing, i took apart a house set i made for my last film and im redoing it i want to make it look more relistic. ive done some sets but ive run out of money for others :( this will be the 3rd year of working on it, my last film took 3 years too.

slow working, during college i think up all these ideas and things and you come home and yur tired out so i dont end up doing them when i get home :(

ive got a character head here and its been here for 4 weeks and everytime i pick it up and try and work on it , i just cant think then i just put it back down again.

cinders1 Posted: Jan 24th 2008

brain freeze!!!! you dont want one of them when you take your driving test!!!! hay then youll have your freedom;)

i didnt relise you have already made a film, is it on youtube? id love to see it even if its old :)

Josephine Posted: Jan 24th 2008


cinders1, please send him my bestest regards!



jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

history time lol :

ive made 1 short film for school (first 1 minute long)2003 or 2004 i cant remember.
came up with proper film idea (didnt happen) 2004
cam up with another one (first proper film) 2004-2006

then this one im doing now: 2006-2008

MUST MUST Open my website up! :wallace2:

cinders1 Posted: Jan 24th 2008

thanks josephine i will:)

wow jordan i didnt relise you have done so much, i clicked on your link but theres nothing on there:-(

Fish Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Sometimes this site is very quiet when I am on it. I've been thinking it has to do with living in a time zone that is 7 or 8 hours different from some of the others. Even so, there are many times that I overlap with people....and I love it! Just think how many places on the globe we all come from - or at least are living in for the moment!:O:)

jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

theres the preview image, (which is the same as my website background) i still need to finish, thats why the promo page is there :)

cinders1 Posted: Jan 24th 2008

aaahhh let us know when you have a link to some of your work, id love to have a look;)

jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

if wanted too i could open it up as some if its done but just the history pages to do and i amy do some flash work too.

cavor Posted: Jan 24th 2008

I think a lot of websites have things not quite complete even this site has unfinished work still to do, I'm still messing around with my site, would be great to see where you are at

jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

if i remember theres a cinema page (thats cool) links about me & history pages

conty Posted: Jan 24th 2008

HI JOSEPHINE!!!! missed you too, im loads better now thankyou, we had tests today at school so my head is done in,:O

jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

aww welcome back conty! woo

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Welcome back Conty! Yes, this website has been unusally quiet. Terminator's plan about coming back as a different name obviously backfired or he is keeping a low profile. A VERY low one. Cinders1, give my best to Conty and vice versa!;)

conty Posted: Jan 24th 2008

thanks mark the shark, springwizards back too, secretagent is her new name

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 24th 2008

WHAT?! I didn't know that. How'd you figure that out?:O

Josephine Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Yip! Rest thy weary bonce, conty! (Bonce means head). You'll be back to full strength in no time - provided cinders1 saves you her pickled onions!!!!

Give it socks, jordan! ;)

squigly Posted: Jan 25th 2008

Welcome back Conty! Glad you're feeling better.

When I log in to this site I'm usually on by myself as I'm about 12 hours behind most of you, I think. Sometimes more.

Markie the Sharkie...found out about Spring Wizard from the opening message page that's been added. She's apologizing and begging for your forgiveness.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 25th 2008

Where's that? I'll have a look.;)

Josephine Posted: Jan 25th 2008


Mark the shark Posted: Jan 25th 2008

What do you mean?:O

Josephine Posted: Jan 25th 2008

The contributor formerly known as Springwizard is back as secretagent?

It's no secret anymore! :-|

Hence my response: crumbs, Penfold!

Is it a BOND-ing thing? As in James Bond?
Is she shaken, not stirred?

(whoops! I might have incurred her wrath. Sorry, 007!)


squigly Posted: Jan 26th 2008

Sharkie, when you log in, do you notice a new "message" screen that asks you to leave a message to everybody logging in? That's where I first read about the contributor-formerly-known-as-Springwizard.:-|

shaun is my bud Posted: Jan 26th 2008

im back

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 26th 2008

Yes, I do. :D

chessy gromit Posted: Jan 28th 2008

i don't understand why so many fans have fled to the shaun the sheep forum instead!:O

jordan Posted: Jan 28th 2008

cause people leave when it becomes messy!

lemon06 Posted: Jan 28th 2008

If there are annoying forums people normally leave.

chessy gromit Posted: Jan 28th 2008

come to think the forum is actually getting rather messy.:-(

CrazyChick101 Posted: Jan 28th 2008

I'm not saying I dont like the W+G forum, but I think more people go to the sts site as theres usually more people online. If you what i mean, this site is sort of a more grown up site due to the colour scheme and types of post. Children are more likely to be online and the vast majority of sts users are children.Also, theres more freedom with posts.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 28th 2008

Lemon06! Hey! Great to see you back!;)

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