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puppylove Posted: Aug 30th 2011

its not fair:-(evry month when they pick winners for the creations most of the time they pick lousy stuff(no offence to anyone)ive seen some pretty incredable stuff and what did they get?NOTHING!i say that we shoud be the ones voting for the winnersby stars,coments or by simply piching one day before the end of the month.WHOS WITH MEEE??

Nathan M Posted: Aug 31st 2011

Yeah, the Aardman team should pick some entries and then they should make a poll, then we vote and the most votes would be the winner. the rest of the entries would then become runners up. I wish they would do that to give users a choice aswell.

puppylove Posted: Sep 3rd 2011

thank you,finally someone wrote a comment on something i wrote|-):D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 5th 2011

puppylove - all entries are judged on a lot of different criteria: humour, originality, W&G-theme, techniques used, effort...

It means that you don't have to be the best artist in the world to stand a chance of winning, you just need to be creative and have a good imagination. I think all our winners have been very worthy of the prizes and certainly not "lousy".

We have a group of Aardman staff judging the entries to make sure everyone gets a fair chance. If we opened it up to a vote it would be very difficult to make it fair. For example, a regular W&G member may get all their friends to vote for their entry, whereas a new member to the site wouldn't have the same number of friends....

We could look at how the judging system works in future if people are still unhappy. It would be useful to hear what other members think, so please feel free to post below:

wallace05man Posted: Sep 5th 2011

that might cause arguments though

wallace05man Posted: Sep 5th 2011

and if we voted for the winner, the people we didn't vote for might think you don't like their creation

puppylove Posted: Sep 5th 2011

in my opinion it shoud be about mix of beauty and intelligence por example that wallace and gromit kings it was INCRETABLY cute and smart and the wallace college by chicken licken was very smart and she or he my not win becaude she or he is really knownd

puppylove Posted: Sep 5th 2011

alot of marvolouse things like those creations didnt win and alot of other creations(that to me at least)wherent that great won you see?thats all im saying,not one shoud agree in the aardman studio but all.:O

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