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WAG215 Posted: Sep 9th 2011

Hello Everybody! I have a wallace and gromit collection and im sure most of you guys do to! So take a picture and show us all and tell me what you think of mine!

evastar7 Posted: Sep 10th 2011

wow you must realy be a wallace and gromit fan ! :

chicken lickin Posted: Sep 10th 2011

This is my collection, i have been collecting and for about 3 years and i love everything of and i own:D
i do have some more i just coudn't fit it all into the image :D p.s. your collection is awsome WAG215!

WAG215 Posted: Sep 10th 2011

WOW!!!!!!THATS REALLY BIG!!!! THANKS!!! Ive only been collecting for a few months now! But your collection is really amazing! WOW! Thats all i can say is WOW! Im hopefully gonna get some more stuff soon!!! But seriously YOURS IS AMAZING!!!WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!

chicken lickin Posted: Sep 11th 2011

AAAHHHH, thats very kind of you to say so. Most of my wallace and gromit stuff is from Car boots and charity shops. I don't have brand new wallace and gromit stuff but i don't mind. In total i have 88 wallace and gromit items and thats not including stuff i've made of wallace and gromit |-)

WAG215 Posted: Sep 11th 2011

Oh my goodness! I used to think i had a big collection but yours is just way to amazing!!!! Do you have the playhouse with the mini figures? like i have?

WAG215 Posted: Sep 11th 2011

Oh and im sorry but for some odd reason im unable to accept your buddy request? or anyones buddy requests? So i will add you on my other account!

chicken lickin Posted: Sep 12th 2011

i would love the play house but i haven't found it at any carboot yet :D

Wilsations Animations Posted: Sep 12th 2011

i have over 800 w&g item in the loft but cba to unpack it all and take pic

WAG215 Posted: Sep 13th 2011

WOW....sounds good take a pic as soon as you can because i cant wait to see this!!!!

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