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cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 15th 2011

does anyone know what papercraft is? you have parts "unfolded" on paper. you print it out (i woud recomend using cardstock). cut out the parts and get some glue. glue to gether the parts in the correct way. there you have a papercraft!!! im making a wallace papercraft so you can have your own mini wallace!!! i will making mor characters but it will take about 2 days per character because im just using ms paint to make the template. when its done ill build it and fix all the bugs. then ill post all the pictures here for u to save and print them each as a full page. ill post my progress below every time i finish a part. ive got the head finished but dont print it yet because it might have bugs. ill post all of the fixed versions when im done.

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 15th 2011

here it is!!

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 15th 2011

finaly i got it posted i didnt know how to crop im not exactly a ms paint wiz anyhow maybe youve got the idea about papercrafts :D

Nathan M Posted: Sep 16th 2011

Papercraft is awesome :) I made a harry potter chocolate box one once,

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 16th 2011

thank you i want a program called pepureka it auto maticly unfolds models u upload there but its 38 bucks

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 19th 2011

I love paper craft ahahaha!

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 19th 2011

SORRY I HAVNT BEEN MAKIN IT i had a wedding and weddn\ing rehersal

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 21st 2011

finally everything else except the arms!! ill put the head and body/legs together and post how it looks! its 11:41 here but i stay up pretty late (and still not be tired in the morning)so it will most likely be posted tonight!!! heres the body and legs!!!! :)

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 21st 2011

theres another piece its like a base it goes under the feet thats why the bottom part of the foot is white :D

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 21st 2011

ok so far in the test build theres been a couple glithces so i willl have to fix them

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 26th 2011

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 27th 2011

im sorry ists been such a long time since i posted about the papercraft ive just had loads of stuff to do wedding homework etc. but but after this week we have a 1 week vacation so i might MIGHT do a couple papercrafts once im done with wallace

19982 Posted: Oct 27th 2011

not any more!

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