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iantimothy Posted: Sep 23rd 2011

Beaver Creek Episode Seven is up on YouTube! You can see it at the link below. This Episode features John Gage, William Mapother, and Steve Cooley on the banjo.

So here is the link, so just tell me what you think o' it.

wallace05man Posted: Sep 23rd 2011

yay! i can't wait to watch it!!!!

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 23rd 2011

Hey Ian!
I just watched episode 7 on youtube, It's Great! I loved John Cage's character 'John Bear'. I also liked how his Teddy Bear got stuck in a trap. It was a bit comical.
I also loved the character of the Turtle, voiced by William Mapother.
Once again it was a very comical video! Keep up the good work =]

Ursrut Posted: Sep 24th 2011

It was fantastic, I have to say my favourite character in this episode was Bear, he was just fantastically animated, and the lip sync was great, I loved the song. Over all great story line ( as always), with tons of gaggs. Cannot wait for the next one, again as always.

iantimothy Posted: Sep 24th 2011

Thanks everyone. I have thought about doing a bear for a long time, but I never thought it would work. I guess I was thinking that a bear would have to be too big, but black bears arent too huge compared to a beaver, So John is a little bit smaller than a bear really would be, but I think his character really works. The mouths were a new thing I tried too. He has six or seven replacement mouths, that are made out of hard sculpey and each one has a whole in the back which fits into a socket in his head.

iantimothy Posted: Sep 24th 2011

TRIVIA!!!!! How many blackberries were made (with a mold of course)

Answer- 106!!!!

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 26th 2011

OMG, that must have taken ages!

iantimothy Posted: Sep 26th 2011

I had a mold, but it still took a while.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Sep 26th 2011

I bet ;)

cheesehead302 Posted: Sep 28th 2011

dude it was great only watched haf yesterday because i had to do homework but it was epic :D:D

p.s. does any1 no how to instal custom avatars

mmasonghi studios Posted: Sep 29th 2011

i was reading stop motion magazine and i pretty close to the end and i saw IAN! A hole article about him

iantimothy Posted: Sep 29th 2011

I love that I am in the same magazine as Will Vinton!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Sep 29th 2011

I KNOW that's really cool :D

iantimothy Posted: Sep 30th 2011

I Love how she starts the article "Tucked away in the rolling hills and rippling lakes of Louisville, Kentucky" Obviously she has never been there. Sure Louisville is pretty green, but don't ya love how when people think o' Kentucky, they think o' people tucked away in hills. :D

mmasonghi studios Posted: Sep 30th 2011

yeah my town is right beside the town were George W. Bush and Laura Bush were born!

iantimothy Posted: Sep 30th 2011

Texas is kind of like kentucky, people just picture it a certain way. I am sure you live in a house just like this. :D

mmasonghi studios Posted: Oct 1st 2011

I know right? :-| but i do live out of city limits and there is a cow three horses across from us :)

Roosterlee Posted: Oct 29th 2011

Your Beaver Creek Videos are brilliant!! They must take so long to do! :)

Sniggles Posted: Oct 31st 2011

lol that house looks like my grandparents who live in canada!!!! i guess a lot of places just look like that; flat barren landscapes!

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