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chicken lickin Posted: Oct 4th 2011

I realy didn't like french but i don't have to do french for GCSE'S so i'm happy.:D

wallace05man Posted: Oct 4th 2011

history, maths and geography i hate. my faveourites are music, art and cookery:D

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 4th 2011

Spanish. Blech.

iantimothy Posted: Oct 4th 2011

harry, igualmente, a no me gusta español y matematicas

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 5th 2011

Sin embargo, nos vemos obligados a aprenderlo.

wallace05man Posted: Oct 5th 2011

i hate spanish:D no me gusta español

iantimothy Posted: Oct 5th 2011

Si, vemos obligados a estudiar espanol o french o chinese o german. No me gusta español, pero es mi prefiero.

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 5th 2011

¿En serio? Me gustaría aprovechar francés en lugar de español todos los días!

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 5th 2011

And yes, I'm using google translate.

chicken lickin Posted: Oct 12th 2011

i also don't like maths but thats because am bad at it

mmasonghi studios Posted: Oct 12th 2011


iantimothy Posted: Oct 12th 2011

just a curiosity... why do y'all Englanders put an "s" on math?

Sniggles Posted: Oct 13th 2011

No me gusta espanol (I dropped though!)! I somewhat like math, and I somewhat like chemistry. I love english because my teacher is insane! Naturally my favorite class is art!!

Nathan M Posted: Oct 15th 2011

I do Business, Ict and Graphics. At A2 level, and Business has got to be the worst, so much work and its hard :/

chicken lickin Posted: Oct 19th 2011

thatnks for the comments and to answer your question iantimothy- I don't know :D

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Oct 19th 2011

Spanish, science, food tech and textiles

Darthplatypus Posted: Oct 26th 2011

mine is greek...:-|

Roosterlee Posted: Oct 28th 2011


cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 14th 2011

language art(because of my teacher)

chicken lickin Posted: Dec 20th 2011

all the subjects i didn't like i dropped once it came to gcse

evastar7 Posted: Dec 20th 2011

maths :-|

puppylove Posted: Jan 22nd 2012

that is wrong with you peaple i love math!all those numers and letters and hard and letters.................. who am i kidding I HATE MATH! in my school is just to EASYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also hate geography,bolivian social studies,music and tecnology

Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 28th 2012

Ian- some people do it in Australia too, its a personal thing I guess, I bet there are some Americans who do it too! :)

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 28th 2012

Maths, it is maths. I think its because the word mathematics is plural, and therefore we think maths is too. Also, I find it easier to say in a sentence, like I've got math and chemistry later is hardeer to say for me than I've got maths and chemistry later, I think it flows better.
MY least favourite was welsh.
My favourite subjects are everyone's least favourite.

puppylove Posted: Jan 28th 2012

thats welsh?

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 29th 2012

No, this is welsh
Dw'in dim yn hoffi gymraeg, achos mae'n gymraeg yn anodd.
That means
I didn't like welsh becasus its difficult.

puppylove Posted: Jan 29th 2012

omg what kind of place makes you study a language ive never even heard about?(dont make fun of me);)

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 29th 2012

Wales, UK..... It's compulsory :(

puppylove Posted: Jan 29th 2012

there is a place in the uk called wales...... what else dont i know. :/

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 29th 2012

Scotland and Northern Ireland? Those two along with Wales and England are the four countries that make up the UK. I suppose the simplest comparison would be that they are the equivalent to the states in the US

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 29th 2012

not really
they are all seperate countries

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 29th 2012

I did say they were countries, but they aren't seperate in the sense of like France is separate from Germany. They have one central jurisdiction, but they have some law making powers, but one main government. The law making powers of each country, which make up the United Kingdom, are limited and are much like the law making power the states have. Scotland is looking for independence which is going to be voted on in 2014, in which case it will be an independent nation.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 29th 2012

oh right ok

puppylove Posted: Jan 29th 2012

oh wow how old r u glb?

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 29th 2012

17, why?

puppylove Posted: Jan 31st 2012

oh...that explains many things...:-|

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 1st 2012


puppylove Posted: Feb 1st 2012

chewbekah Posted: Feb 1st 2012

I quite dislike Civics. I'm not a fan of learning about the government. My favorite subject is (duh!) art!!! We have a few class devoted to working with clay. I ♥ clay :)

cheesehead302 Posted: Feb 1st 2012

Civics is like scocial studies, write? Im horrible at cause i cot a bad teacher who makes us write constantly.:'(

puppylove Posted: Feb 2nd 2012

i understand your pain i also like art and my teacher is making us work with clay too! i wanted to make wallace but i didnt want him to look ugly cause itsa my first time so i made a monkey insted :D:-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|)

evastar7 Posted: Feb 16th 2012

bora da lol thats welsh !

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 16th 2012

i hate mathbut i love history and art, and reading, science, technology(that's not a subject but oh well) lucky for me i am homeshooled

w&gfan75 Posted: Feb 16th 2012

i dont no social studies, yes social studies, defiantly social studies :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 17th 2012

not everything about house schooling is that lucky as you don't get to meet new people or develop social skills and u see less of friends which u might hav little anyway

puppylove Posted: Feb 17th 2012

hm.. you gotta be in a very wealthy to have house schooling...:-|

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 17th 2012

I know but I meant that I do not have a mean teacher and I guess am a little rich..

puppylove Posted: Feb 17th 2012

kinnah explains many things...:-|

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 17th 2012

I know but homeschooling has more pros than cons, no bullies, mean lunch ladies,annoying populaur girls,... Well you know

puppylove Posted: Feb 17th 2012

guess it has there up in downs... like everyting else in life:-(

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