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jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Cool: Cartoons/Animations

Bad: Cartoons/Animations

Whats Yours?

can be TV or Film Or Both

some i could just chuck a brick at a television there so bad, i got lots of time tomorrow i will reply then

Cant be botherd to do mine now its nearly 10:00 pm!

need a drink and getting bored on this here stupid computer. (really does wants sometimes) like reopening itunes for 1 hour!!!!

bye for now

rastophulus Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Lol! I'm too tired to be bothered right now as well and a drink sounds like a good idea! (Cocoa, of course! ;o))
Cheers jordan! I'll post my best and worst tomorrow too...

Josephine Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Oooh, jordan! Don't get me started!!!

cinders1 Posted: Jan 24th 2008

uh oh i feel a long one coming on, an entertainment delight, go for it josephine!!!;)sock it to us:D

Fish Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Do you mean ones we have done ourselves - or are you asking for those we've seen? Here is one that made me laugh earlier in the day.

Josephine Posted: Jan 24th 2008

Oh, I think jordan means animations etc. that are supposed to be done by professionals but the quality control on each film leave a lot to be desired - whether it be tumbleweed humour, bad lip synch or just plain WRONG! Am I right, jordan?

By the way, Fish - love your picture about the loose's a cracker!!!!! Just my kind of humour :D

I haven't managed to look at your other picture yet but I will - don't worry!

jordan Posted: Jan 25th 2008

i said as on TV and film, peopel must have been tired

Fish Posted: Jan 25th 2008

Sorry, Jordan

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 25th 2008

Sorry, Jordan I'm VERY tired. Too tired in fact. But it's good to see rastophulus is still around!;)

Josephine Posted: Jan 27th 2008

Sorry, Jordan! Please forgive us for appearing bad mannered but time zones etc. How's the cocoa, rastophulus?

Bad quality animation - a brilliant idea for a topic of discussion! To appreciate good examples of animation, we must also examine what NOT to do in animation and learn from it.

I guess it goes for anything in life...

There is no excuse for bad animation these days - CGI, ink or plasticine etc. but there are so many examples too painful to watch after a moment...and they're forgettable, too - that's why I can't come up with any names for the moment but I'll write down the titles of any culprits and name them on this forum.

Way to go, Jordan! Keep this thread going. Don't lose heart just because we are going cross-eyed through the time zones etc. ;)

rastophulus Posted: Jan 27th 2008

Oooh - me poor head! I'll never drink cocoa again!
Anyway, you're right Josephine; it's hard to remember details about bad stuff. All that really cheap american rubbish is depressing but I can't think of any titles... I must be tired. I'll just have another cocoa then go to bed...

chessy gromit Posted: Jan 28th 2008

ahh! don't moan rastolphus:D

Josephine Posted: Jan 28th 2008

rastophulus! Try something less drinking chocolate, Ovaltine or Horlicks before you hit the hay.

I also agree with you re cheap american rubbish. For every top class American animated film that delights the eye and tickles the ribs, there are too many badly made rubbish ones!

The question is: how on earth do they get away with it? :O

Fish Posted: Jan 28th 2008

Is this true exclusively in America?:O Or is it just that they seems to produce more than any other place? Living in America I can tell you there is more rubbish on TV than anything else. There are a few really well done shows, but the vast majority is well....not well done. There is so much violence and awful things on the screen and not much else.:-(

cavor Posted: Jan 28th 2008

The biggest problem with the the movie industry is, it is driven by the money making machine rather than art!!

The law of averages give us a good film now and again.

What do you all think?

chessy gromit Posted: Jan 28th 2008

i think the same as fish

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 28th 2008

Yeah, I agree with Cavor! It's money all the time! Disney are meant to be amazing but all their recent CGI films (eg. The Wild, Chicken Little) are just rubbish compared to the old ones! People at Disney are not Disney!:D

Josephine Posted: Jan 28th 2008

I agree with you all, too. No detriment to America as a whole, Fish - your comments have hit the spot! America makes more films and cartoons than any other country, therefore it becomes something like a production line and creative differences can often strangle the good out of a project.

Looking for that wow factor is like panning for gold...

And then there is ££££££! $$$$$$$$! €€€€€€€€€! You've guessed it - MONEY!

Cavor, it is a money making machine - rather like people who have all this money to buy restaurants but they can't boil an egg or don't know one end of a whisk from the other and don't bother to find out what it takes to run an eaterie, either. Unfortunately, it happens in the music business, too! Everyone asks where the good music is and the answer is - GET OUT THERE AND LOOK BEYOND THE LOONYPOTS!!!

Same with TV and Live Action Films as well as animation. The sooner the industry realises this, the better. I've said this before - there is skill and talent HERE ON THIS SITE!!! Waiting to be nurtured and discovered.

As you say, Cavor, it's the law of averages...and more money than sense!

Mark the Shark - Disney would have gone to pot long ago only for Pixar!

rastophulus Posted: Jan 28th 2008

There's loads of good british stuff though - Dangermouse, Rex the Runt, Camberwick Green, The Clangers (OooOOooo!), Trapdoor, Bagpuss, the Magic Roundabout (except that was french...), Noggin the Nog - I'm sure there's others I can't recall just now!

jordan Posted: Jan 29th 2008

i used to like IVOR the Engine :), Thomas the tank engine, TUGS, ermmm , Thunderbirds, Stingray , Captain Scarlet wow i like a good range of the classics :)

cavor Posted: Jan 29th 2008

What about Captain Pugwash and the badly animated Mr Ben and another Marry Mungo & Midge all cut-out animations;)

jordan Posted: Jan 29th 2008

ah yeh captain pugwash! oh and mr ben too :)

cinders1 Posted: Jan 29th 2008

i loved both of them, though it wasnt untill i was much older i took notice of the names on captain pugwash:O

jordan Posted: Jan 29th 2008

our course tutor put one on the other day and i was laughing about that

cinders1 Posted: Jan 29th 2008

what about rubarb and custard, oh theyre all coming back now

chessy gromit Posted: Jan 29th 2008

yeah they're often on boomerang

conty Posted: Jan 29th 2008

dad liked trumpton and camberwick green:O

Josephine Posted: Jan 30th 2008

And I love The Wombles!

chessy gromit Posted: Jan 30th 2008

i do to!:)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 30th 2008

Sorry Josephine but what does it mean pot for Pixar?:D

jordan Posted: Jan 30th 2008

pixar is also cool not as cool as aardman

Josephine Posted: Jan 30th 2008

Hi, Mark the Shark! I got carried away with a commonly used North of England expression there!

Going to pot is something similar to, say, gone to the dogs i.e. falling standards, not as good as they used to be.

So, I was saying that "Disney would have gone to pot only for Pixar" P'raps I should have finished the statement with "...making good quality stuff."

I'm talking about Toy Story, Ratatouille etc.

I hope that's helped you! :D

Sock Eye Salmon

Josephine Posted: Jan 30th 2008

Ahh, now we are talking GOOD animation! The Clangers also ROCK (I have cuddly, noisy clangers - and a Soup Dragon - on my bookshelf next to books such as JFK's biography, Treasures of Britain and John Simpson...the lighter side of heavyweight reading! ;) )
I loved Oliver Postgate's stories about making The Clangers and what was really said by one of the clangers through the OOOoooOOO sound - which I cannot tell you on this forum and, although it was not exactly a vicar-shocker, I err on the side of caution! 0:)

Fish Posted: Jan 30th 2008

WOW - is "going to pot" really a North of England expression? My father's side of the family came from Yorkshire, but it was a LONG time ago. He was the one to say it all the time.

rastophulus Posted: Jan 31st 2008

I remember that Clangers episode - where the door sticks?
Naughty Major Clanger!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 31st 2008

Thanks Josephine! Hey, Rastophulus! Ratatouille is brilliant!;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 1st 2008

Yes, Fish! It's a common expression here in Were-Rabbit country. So, you have roots in Yorkshire? Wensleydale?

rastophulus - indeed you are correct! Major Clanger was a very naughty Clanger! >:-)
When they fall off my bookshelf, I literally drop a Clanger!

Mark the Shark! I await the Rataouille DVD to savour it bit by bit! Mmmmmmmmm!

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