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Darthplatypus Posted: Oct 22nd 2011

I know a ton about stop motion animation mostly claymation thought.
so ask me if you have any questions on how to make something in stop motion animation.

Darthplatypus Posted: Oct 22nd 2011

if u want to check out some of my work click this link that will take u to my youtube channel

p.s.most of it is claymation....

iantimothy Posted: Oct 22nd 2011

How do you keep your characters, and camera from jumping all around?

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 22nd 2011

I like your idea, but honestly, you should just make a stop-motion help thread where everyone can ask and answer instead of a speak with an expert type of deal. Because honestly, none of us are experts.

iantimothy Posted: Oct 22nd 2011

hopefully my question didn't come across as to sarcastic, but like harry that was kinda the point I was trying to get across. I know you had good intentions, but something like this just kills humility.

There is a lot you need to learn before you start advertising yourself as an animation expert, I can speak from experience, there is A LOT even i don't know how to do.
True, animation has become more than a hobby for me, but I am not expert, though,
If I can offer one piece of advice to a budding filmmaker, be humble!!

don't flaunt your knowledge, just offer it when needed, or asked for.

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 22nd 2011

Exactly, Ian. Darthplatypus, I'd love it if you could me a few pointers, but you could use some as well.

Darthplatypus Posted: Oct 24th 2011

yes u all are right we aren't experts and i'm not trying to show off..
i just want to help some people that have no idea how to make stop motion animation movie and want to start that's all...
sorry my title is a bit showy or proud...

Darthplatypus Posted: Oct 24th 2011

well Ian as u know and want to see if i know the answer is u use a tripod for the camera and for your subject (like a character) u use tie downs that connect to your armature inside your character...
for people that don't know what an armature is, it's a metal skeleton ether made from wire or ball and socket rodes that connect to gather...

Darthplatypus Posted: Oct 24th 2011

this should be called questions and answers about stop motion animation (i wonder if i could change the name?)
okay so that i'm not the one that is always answering the questions Ian how do u do lip syncing i now how, i just haven't made anything good with it and i am curious on how u do it??
i've seen bever creek your good at it....

Darthplatypus Posted: Oct 24th 2011

i opened a new forum on what u guys kind of wanted where every one has a say and i named it questions and answers about stop motion animation...
check it out sorry about seeming like a one man show....;)

harryboy8080 Posted: Oct 26th 2011

It's alright. We all do the same thing every now again. And I'll gladly check out your new post!

Darthplatypus Posted: Oct 27th 2011


MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Oct 30th 2011

How do u do the lighting
I do lots of stop motions but I can never seem
to get the lighting right
what should I use?

Darthplatypus Posted: Nov 10th 2011

sorry i have been pretty busy what is the problem is it that the light is flickering
or what???
or u want it to look like sun light or night time light ????

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 21st 2012

it's that the light in the video is always changing

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