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Darthplatypus Posted: Oct 27th 2011

this is all about stop motion if you have a question Ask and if u have answer Answer...
i made a forum just recently that is like this one but i got complains that i was kind of making my self look like a know it all expert and stuff so be open to other peoples ideas no one is a professional here...

So start asking!

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 11th 2011

How to lift up a character's leg to walk with out tie downs?
Do you have to have a ball and socket armature to do this? I'm not to sure...

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 12th 2011


you do not need a ball and socket armature to make a puppet walk try not lifting the leg all the way off the ground like this

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 12th 2011

Thank you.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 13th 2011

yer mighty welcome!

19982 Posted: Dec 16th 2011

how do I upload stop motion from my 3ds?

Darthplatypus Posted: Dec 17th 2011

hey cheesehead302 i have some more ideas u could try, some of the ways u could do it is by using sticky tack on the bottom of the puppet's feet or if u want something more profesional try buying magnets here's a good place to buy some the way u use these magnets is by putting small magnets on your puppet's feet or it may just stick because it's metal anyway u don't have to use big screws for tie downs u could use small pins....

P.S. hey and no matter if u have a wire or a ball and socket armature you are going to need tie downs...

Darthplatypus Posted: Dec 17th 2011

okay 19982 do u have a program on your 3ds for stop motion or is it a bunch of pictures because all u have to do if it's a bunch of pictures is pull out your sd card and stick it into your computer then u need a program to put the pictures together if u don't have any stop motion program's u could use imovie (if u have a mac) or movie maker (if u have a pc)
but it's not going to be in 3d if u put it on the computer...;)

P.S. if you need any more help ask...

Pink-Muffin Posted: Dec 17th 2011

I´ve got a question!
How can you make characters jump or fly?

Darthplatypus Posted: Dec 17th 2011

there are lot's of ways to do it but the way i do it is i first i take a picture of the scene with no characters in it ( nothing that's going to move) then i extend the object up in the air with a wire or something attached to a weight and then i take the pictures and and i get rid of the wire on photoshop...sorry i don't have much time now but this movie might be helpful i didn't watch it all but hope it helps anybody else got an answer for this guy???

p.s. later...

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 17th 2011

Hi pink muffin have you tried to shoot them on a green or blue screen?

Hope helped.

over and out
MmasonGHI Studios ;)

19982 Posted: Dec 24th 2011

yeah i have stop motion on it
is it the same ?

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