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Sniggles Posted: Oct 31st 2011

hey guys! it just snowed here in NYC and it is only October!!!! Very strange to see. So tell me then, what is your favorite season?

Hotaru yozora Posted: Nov 1st 2011

I love spring...

mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 1st 2011

idk i like it cold when it's hot and hot when it's cold

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Nov 2nd 2011

summer as that's when my bday is

mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 3rd 2011

same as Klwfe

Pink-Muffin Posted: Nov 24th 2011

i like winter... it´s alwasys soooo cosy in house

Cryptic33 Posted: Dec 8th 2011

I have always loved Autumn, not too hot or cold with a myriad of colour and leaves, of course, lots of them! :D

evastar7 Posted: Dec 9th 2011

i have two summer and winter,i love summer because you can do outdoors activities and for winter you can have great snowball fights !

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