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puppylove Posted: Nov 10th 2011

i think it was a good clay animated film even if it was represanting a book:Dwhat do you think?

iantimothy Posted: Nov 10th 2011

I thought it was very good, it wasn't clay though.

Gromit lad Posted: Nov 10th 2011

One of the best movies I've seen. Can't wait for Paranorman, looks just as good.


harryboy8080 Posted: Nov 11th 2011

As IanTimothy said, it was great, but the characters were actually foam latex, as I believe.

iantimothy Posted: Nov 11th 2011

the bodies were at least, the heads were more of a plastic resin.

nobaksa01 Posted: Nov 13th 2011

I liked it, but I think I would've liked it more if the characters were clay and it wasn't too spooky... :)

Darthplatypus Posted: Nov 15th 2011

yeah and it was made smoother on the computer with CGI...
they took pictures in 3d and put it on the computer and added CGI to it so it would have the smoothness of CGI and the detaileed texture of stop motion Animation...

iantimothy Posted: Nov 15th 2011

not really... the only thing they did in CGI (other than special effects) were fixing a seam around the mouth, everything else was actually, uncomputerized stop motion.

nobaksa01 Posted: Nov 23rd 2011

Stop motion animations are more friendly, cause the makers take a lot of time making all the figures. I love any kind of stop motion, but Wallace & Gromit is the best!!

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