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womble1 Posted: Nov 21st 2011

Can anyone who has or knows how to use stop motion pro ?:-|

I can create a animation but that is it and i would like to use the programme to its full potential.:-(

Do not understand onion layers how to record audio and how to use it in general

Fionah Posted: Nov 22nd 2011

I have Stop Motion Pro and when I got it I didn't know how to do anything. So you should go onto the website and look at some of the videos telling you about how to use it. If you have already done this then just play around and do some quick animations and see what happens, that's what I did.
Hope I've helped.:)

womble1 Posted: Nov 22nd 2011

Thanks you have helped alot

Have had a look at some videos and decided to do some tests to try and get the knack of lip syncing and try to improve my general animation. I am going to use my models which i am going to use for my animation "Odd Jobs" so shall upload my tests when completed :)

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