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Pink-Muffin Posted: Dec 3rd 2011

Do you think Fluffles ( the poodle) should stay with Wallace and Gromit or should she find someone else?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 5th 2011

Out of all the characters in W&G, I think Fluffles is the best fit for the W&G household - she's fiesty and likes all the same cheesy music as Gromit ;)

I could be wrong though...what do you reckon?

Gromits little bro Posted: Dec 7th 2011

For the next instalment? Go. They wouldn't be the same double act with Fluffles

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 9th 2012

i don't think it would quite be the same
as wallace and gromit have always been great as a duo

Fionah Posted: Jan 10th 2012

I think Fluffles should stay somewhere else but sometimes come and see them:)

puppylove Posted: Jan 15th 2012

i agree with mr teco trousers cause i think they both shous remaine as a duo forever
thought it woud be nice for gromit and fluffels to be in contact like she coud help if they in to a picle or something like that;)

Pink-Muffin Posted: Jan 17th 2012

I also think it would be nice if Wallace and Gromit stay as a duo... but it´s not bad to have a woman in the house isn´t it?;)

Nathan M Posted: Jan 17th 2012

She wasn't in world of invention though, so maybe shes gone. I think it would be better with just wallace and gromit

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 2nd 2012

Fluffles should stay with Lady Tottington! After all i mean Lady Tottington would like a lap dog and i am certain Lady Tottington would not mistreat Fluffles like the way Piella mistreated poor beautiful Fluffles

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

if fluffles stayed, the title could be Wallace and gromit with fluffles?

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

WOW! Apparently, I'm not the only one who's thought of this. I actually wrote a full 1-page essay on the subject - I'll post it below.

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 23rd 2012


The thing I have always enjoyed about Wallace and Gromit is the fact that, beneath silly and farcical stories, there is a further depth of character to be explored, especially in the relationships between characters. When I first heard in previews that "Loaf and Death" would bring us a girlfriend for Gromit, I thought along the same lines as other commentators (They're a duo, a third character would mess it up, etc). When I watched it, however, my attitude had changed before the film was halfway done. I believe that Fluffles is an invaluable addition to the tales of Wallace and Gromit - her presence fills a gap that was empty before.

I think it can safely be said that Gromit is the one we relate to throughout all the stories - even when bad stuff happens to Wallace, it is Gromit we feel the most sorry for. His expressive face speaks more than any words ever could the pain he feels when things happen to his dear friend, or when they are separated for any reason. In short, he's a typical, loyal dog, but he possesses more depth of character than most humans, and he is really the key that makes Wallace and Gromit so successful. We especially feel the most sorry for Gromit when he must endure things alone, which he does quite frequently; for, good and sometimes brave man that he is, Wallace is still too scatterbrained, self-centered, and accident-prone to notice or understand Gromit's feelings most of the time.

When we first see Fluffles, she seems your stereotypical miniature poodle - nervous, empty-headed, and not all that bright. However, it soon becomes apparent that she and Gromit are kindred spirits; both share masters that sometimes mistreat them (though Piella's mistreatment is intentional, whereas Wallace's is not), and lack someone who can sympathize with their plight. From the start, they have a mutual sympathy with one another; there is a subtle moment in the scene where Piella first invites Wallace for a walk, and kicks Fluffles to get her to behave - for a brief instant, the camera cuts to Gromit and fades out Wallace in the foreground, giving us a look at a shocked expression on Gromit's face. Later on, when Gromit is storming about the house venting his frustration at Piella's rearranging everything (including his relationship with his master), Fluffles takes pity on him; she rescues from the dustbin Gromit's old things and returns them to him. This is the first time we see the depth of character Fluffles possesses - we realize that, though she is obviously terrified of Piella, she has a heart as big as Gromit's and can feel for someone in distress. Another subtle but moving moment comes when Piella announces to Fluffles that she plans to do away with Wallace - the expression of sorrow on her face, coupled with her encounter with Gromit a short time before, leads us to believe that even though she doesn't want Wallace hurt, it is GROMIT and his potential heartbreak she is primarily concerned with. The likelihood of this is further heightened when a brief camera shot (the one preceding Gromit's second visit to Piella's house) flashes over a tree in Piella's yard, where Fluffles has carved an “F + G” inside a heart - her mind has quite clearly been on Gromit for a while now.

The fact that Gromit and Fluffles are made for each other becomes most apparent when Gromit surprises Piella's dark secret. Not for one moment does he do the obvious, and suspect her of complicity or betrayal - his heart leads him to fully believe in her honesty, and to still keep his concern for her, even enough to leave Wallace and risk a second venture to Piella's house when he believes she has hurt Fluffles in some way. And when her shame for her unwilling complicity in Piella's dark deeds overcomes her, Gromit welcomes her into his family with open arms, as does Wallace, in one of his kindest moments.

I firmly believe Fluffles should stay, for the reasons I have advanced. Aardman has gone out of their way to create her into the character she is, and make her an integral part of the Wallace and Gromit world; to remove her after this would make little sense. She gives Gromit the understanding companionship he needs, and he gives her someone to trust, opening up whole worlds of new dynamics between characters; she is, to me, one of the best additions to the series, and I sincerely hope Aardman will not make the grave mistake of removing her.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 24th 2012

i don't think she should stay
i like her
but it wouldn't be the same
w&g r a duo and i think that's how they should stay

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 25th 2012

Did you guys know that unlike fluffles can speak? You heard her giggling and when the bomb was in pants, we heard make a sound

LoveShaun19 Posted: Feb 25th 2012

Gromit makes little growls and barks sometimes. :)

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 25th 2012

In "The Wrong Trousers", Gromit most definitely snarls at the penguin at one point (I think it's when he brings Wallace the paper or somewhere thereabouts). He also yelps in pain when the technotrousers yank on his collar.

Pink-Muffin Posted: Mar 28th 2012

You´re right, I didn´t realize that yet

Pink-Muffin Posted: Mar 28th 2012

I like the idea of Fluffles staying with Lady Tottinton., so Wallace could meet her and go for a walk with their dogs :-)

puppylove Posted: May 3rd 2012

no caracters come back if u noticed, nick makes a movie, has different caracters but they only appear in that one movie and nothing else! its just aarman nature not to repeat anyone or anything, thats why they dont make secuals!

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