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Production Staff Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 25th 2008

There have been mutterings that I'm not who I say I am! The cheek of it!! Well here's a lovely picture!

jordan Posted: Jan 25th 2008

you look happy , probly the booze your holding , whats that scenic bacground off? trouble at mill? :)

is everybody one at ardman drunk and then take pictures , only joking hehehe

Josephine Posted: Jan 25th 2008

WOW, Girls! What a pin-up!!!!! :-X



Now I know who was the model for the Eric Morecambe statue!

Tee hee!

Josephine Posted: Jan 25th 2008

...or are you the new statue for Piccadilly Circus? Wineglass in hand, perchance?!?


girly giggle ;)

jordan Posted: Jan 25th 2008

that scenic background is amazing look at that detail :O its fantastic congrats on who ever painted it!

conty Posted: Jan 25th 2008

is there a flying scene maybe? ;)

Josephine Posted: Jan 25th 2008

It does look impressive, doesn't it?

Well done, chaps and chap-esses!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 26th 2008

Hehehe! I like it. You seem enthusitatic. What's with the background. Is there a flying scene as Conty said?;)

Josephine Posted: Jan 26th 2008

Has fixed his plane (A Close Shave) for a bird's eye view?

Eh, up, people! I think Cheeky Beeky is keeping schtum!

Cybergurl Posted: Jan 29th 2008

What are you doing in that picture,goofing off,I presume?

Josephine Posted: Jan 29th 2008


Spike Milligan


Cybergurl Posted: Jan 30th 2008

You remind me of the yellow Wiggle. What's his mane any way? Can't rememeber it at the mo.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 30th 2008

Hello, Cybergurl. Come to say rude things about me AGAIN?:-|

Josephine Posted: Jan 30th 2008

Unfortunately, "Rude" is her middle name, Mark The Shark!

conty Posted: Jan 31st 2008

hehehe mark, thanks for using my model as your avatar, what a complement!!! thanks mate;)

Fish Posted: Jan 31st 2008

That's your model in Mark's avatar, Conty? Well done! Is there a larger version of it somewhere on the site? I'd like to see it.8)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 31st 2008

You're very welcome, Conty! :DI'm your great fan!;) Yes, I agree, Josephine.:-|

conty Posted: Jan 31st 2008

fish you can see my models easier here just tap in conty0 in search bar, let me know what you think of my gallery so far;)

Fish Posted: Jan 31st 2008

WOW! Conty - your models are brilliant! You've even got the old vicar holding his nun wrestling mag!|-)

conty Posted: Jan 31st 2008

thanks fish im glad you like them;)

Cybergurl Posted: Jan 31st 2008

Listen,I'll try not to be so rude this time,but please,don't try to push any buttons,I've tried three times and I don't want to get banned again.:'( Please don't HATE me.:-(

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 1st 2008

:wink:Okay. Okay.

Josephine Posted: Feb 1st 2008

I've never seen nuns wrestling but I know a couple of nuns who could show Jenson Button a thing or two about tearing down the M60 like the Monte Carlo Grand Prix!

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 1st 2008

To Katie,I know I've been rude,been banned twice. But after that experiance,I swear I learned my lesson and will not loose my temper ever again. And That's a PROMISE!0:)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

Really Josephine?;)

Fish Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

I've never seen nuns wrestling, but I saw one "boost" a car (local slang for stealing)! :D She was actually trying to help someone who had locked her keys in her car - but the nun broke into the wrong car just as the real owner arrived. :O It was quite a night! But since the owner knew this sister from school, it all turned out OK. But not one of us will ever let the car boosting nun forget the incident!

Josephine Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

Yes! I'll tell you what it is like to sit in the same car as a nun, Mark the Shark... You get through your prayers like a racing commentator on the Grand National!

They brake hard, take corners like The Sweeney and really put their foot through the floor with the accelorator!

What is it about nuns and cars? Fish, I can believe that about the nun boosting a car - it really tickled me when I read it. :D

You couldn't make it up, could you? |-)

A nun friend of ours (my sister and I) was stopped by the local cops for speeding...and got off with a caution! 0:)

Maybe the vicar should have a copy of Top Gear magazine instead of nun wrestling! >:-)

Fish Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

The car boosting nun story is true, Josephine. She was the nun who took care of the dorms, and she was very kind and in her 60's or 70's. When she saw me running to class she waved to me to come over and help her with the coat hanger she'd rigged to open the door. I knew about the girl stranded because her keys were locked in her car - so I knew what her intention was. Even so I started to tease her because she was WAY too good at the task of getting into a locked car - lots more than you'd think a nun should be! :D

Then the real owner of the car came out. At first she was stunned - she didn't know what we were doing. Sister Jean turned every shade of red there is. And me? I just laughed and laughed...then we were all laughing until Sister Jean said we should go inside before we all fell down!

Fish Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

OH! Nearly forgot! The poor girl's car still had to be found, and someone had called the city cops to come and help. So we were still laughing by the car when a cop drives up and asks us all what we were doing! :O Sister Jean started to stammer...which made the rest of us start laughing. Then the cop recognizes Sister Jean - she was not wearing a habit, and the last time he'd seen her she had been. Turns out he'd had her in the third grade - seriously! The cop helped to open the other car, but I swear he was not nearly as adept at it as Sister Jean!:D

Josephine Posted: Feb 6th 2008

Oh, I honestly believe you 100%, Fish! I've been close to priests, nuns and religious all my life and the things they get up to would fill a book!

"You couldn't make it up, could you?" is an expression used in the UK when something totally unbelievable happens when it is actually 100% true!

Also, it's amazing that so many folks know Sister Jean. I'm delighted that your reminiscenes of her are lovely ones. And for the cop to remember her - well, that's Providence, for you! ;)

My parish priest is Fr Mike, who is soccer mad! Everybody knows him and loves him very much...and Fr Keith - his assistant priest and the local hospital chaplain - is a dead ringer for the vicar in "Were-Rabbit" - even down to the voice! (I haven't the heart to tell him that but I'm biding my time!). He's great fun, too!

Nuns are fun! I smile every time I see one behind the wheel of a car - it brings back happy memories as I have shared with you. Sister Jean has put a big smile on my face. Thank you, Fish, for cheering me up! :D

Fish Posted: Feb 6th 2008

I'm glad my posts cheered you up, sock eye!|-) Yours have done so for me many times already. :D Take care of yourself and get well quickly! Maybe a swim would have a healing effect on you...?

Josephine Posted: Feb 6th 2008

Actually, Fish, what about a lovely, healing swim in some mineral-rich, crystal clear water? How does that grab you? It grabs me very nicely...thank you for your kind wishes. I'm getting there by taking things easy...

Plooop! Plooop! Plooop! Sloooop!

Sock Eye Salmon

PS: My mum is wearing bedsocks - but not my W&G ones! ;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 6th 2008

Hmmm, very strange nun!;)

Fish Posted: Feb 6th 2008

Actually just about all the nuns at that place were fun! I used to play pranks on them. I once put an inflatable nun in the head nun's office! :D

Josephine Posted: Feb 6th 2008

An inflatable nun, Fish? I never knew they existed!!!

How on earth did you manage to get into the head nun's office, you naughty young person !!! Via the aquarium near the school trophies??!!! >:-)

A week in confession for you and plenty of penance! >:-)>:-)

Knowing nuns, they must have ached laughing at the new novice!

Mark the Shark - not all nuns are penguins!

I heard that one student at my old college put a guitar around a statue of St Francis Xavier to make him look like he's playing it (his statue has one hand up, holding a cross) >:-) Girly giggle! Tee Hee!


Fancy another dive into the head nun's aquarium, Fish, Mark the Shark and squigly squid?!?!

(quietly)plip! plip! plip!

Sock Eye Salmon

Fish Posted: Feb 6th 2008

I got the inflatible nun from a "joke shop" at half price. I guess few saw its obvious uses and it did not sell well.0:):D

It is also a little known fact that head nuns' aquariums lead directly to the ocean of your choice! OK...let's dive in! SSPPLLAAASSSSSSHHHHHH!!!!:D

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 7th 2008

I never knew they exsisted Fish. An inflatible nun! Wow! I never knew nuns could be fun! I wish I had some of them!;)

Fish Posted: Feb 7th 2008

No fun nuns in Scotland, sharky?:O Maybe I can find the website that had the inflatable nun and send you the link!0:)

conty Posted: Feb 8th 2008

oohh we got a nun around here, i sometimes see her at tescos, but shes got a beard!!!!! :)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 8th 2008

Thanks Fish! That should be fun! :D

Fish Posted: Feb 8th 2008

Conty - did she retire from the circus and sign up at the nunnery??:O0:)

Fish Posted: Feb 8th 2008

Sharky, I haven't found the inflatable nun yet, but check THIS out! :D

Fish Posted: Feb 8th 2008

I found the nun! I forgot she was a "bop bag." here she is:

Josephine Posted: Feb 8th 2008

Crumbs, conty! A nun with a beard? Could be a monk! 0:)

We are nun - the - wiser!!! >:-)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 9th 2008

An inflatable church, Fish! Strange! But funny!|-)

conty Posted: Feb 9th 2008

she looks quite a character!!!! i did think it was a man, but shes always wearing a dress!!!!;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 9th 2008

No wonder General Chat's so quiet! Conty's here! HEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Earth to anyone who's out there?!:D

squigly Posted: Feb 9th 2008

conty, still could be a man in a dress and habit! you never know....:-(|)

fish, that inflatable church is really cool! And I love that Sister Discipline with her "Board of Education" (aka ruler). How did the Head Nun react to the bop bag in her office? Did it take her breath away? (Top Nun?)0:)

In high school, we placed one of those fake rubber poops (or was it the fake rubber barf) into a desk drawer before the start of a study hall period. We all sat very quietly pretending to study when the nun walked in, sat down at the desk and proceeded to open the desk drawer. She took a long second look at it, closed the drawer then stepped out of the classroom for a few minutes without saying a word. To this day we don't know if she was upset, or had to get out to let out a good laugh. Of course, someone removed the thing while she was out so when she checked again upon her return to the classroom, it wasn't there.>:-)

Fish Posted: Feb 9th 2008

Sharky, if you look at the website with the inflatable church, you will notice there is also an inflatable pub!:O I guess we'd better stick with the church on this website, though. ;)

Great story, Squigly. I have done lots of pranks, but not the fake yucky stuff. I bet that nun slipped out to have a good laugh - and to pray that whoever put it there would take the opportunity to remove it while she was gone! :D

The most involved prank I ever did was to remove all the giant straight edges, triangles, etc. that are used in the math department. I placed them out on the roof, actually. Good job it didn't rain! It was common habit to sneak out the restroom window onto the roof to smoke. I am NOT a smoker, so I cut a deal with the kids who were out there smoking. They wouldn't mention the presence of the math teacher's stuff, and I would know nothing about any kids smoking on the roof. Finally the head of the math department begged us to give up the culprit who had stolen the stuff. He said no punishment would be given - he just needed the stuff in order to teach. No one turned me in, but the next chance I got I returned his stuff. He was true to his word, and he went up several notches in my estimation.:)0:)

squigly Posted: Feb 10th 2008

lol :D good one, fish. Did he ever find out it was you?

"Give me a 90 degree angle!"
"Give me a 360 degree circle!"
"Give me another 90 degree angle!"
"What's that spell?"
"What's that spell?"
"What's that spell?"

Even though my classmates and I attended a Catholic school, I can't really say we were all 0:)s. We loved a good prank now and then, as children will often do. Of course some got into more trouble than others.:-(|)

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