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morph2468 Posted: Dec 15th 2011

what type of plasticine is the best for animation i tried one type and it was alright but then i tried another type and it was horrible. wht do other people use and where do you get it, and what brand does the team at aardman use ? help!!!! :-(:wallace3

Nathan M Posted: Dec 15th 2011

newplast plasticine is very popular

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 15th 2011

If you are from amarica you can use VanAken claytoon it's recommended by aardman ;)

Roosterlee Posted: Dec 16th 2011

If you go on the 'Rapid' website they sell a couple, of different types of clay. Theirs a pack, of diffrent skin colours, browns and blacks. Newplast is also a very good and very well known plasticine.

iantimothy Posted: Dec 19th 2011

If you are in Europe, then you should get Newplast, if you are in North America you should get Van Aken. Both of them should be able to be found at just about any art or craft store.

morph2468 Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

ok thanks guys i am in the uk so i have dtocked up on newplast plasticine thanks!!!:D

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

Also, a varied range of clay can provide a range of different textures and effects, but newplast is best in the UK for amateur. Things like flair Plasticine aren't very good to use, because they are too soft, I have found that the Newplast is the best and easiest to use, and would completely recommend it.

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