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puppylove Posted: Dec 28th 2011

i just noticed, nobody EVER talk about flushed away in this site i mean you talk about chicken run,W AND G, Arthur christmas,W AND G,pirates and lets not forget W AND G. but not even ONCE ive seen a person mention that assome movie so i decided to remember you guys that that movie existed so comment whatever you whant here about that movie come on let it out do it.i mean it now. come on please, show auntie puppylove that that movie was not forgotten come on, please.........|-)

LoveShaun19 Posted: Dec 29th 2011

"keep your legs straight when you hit the water!" I liked "Flushed Away", it was funny. :D

puppylove Posted: Jan 3rd 2012

come ON, dosent anyone else care

mackenzie1o1 Posted: May 18th 2013

Oh yeah.. i remember that movie! it was so long ago i forgot all about it! thanks for reminding me :D

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