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chicken lickin Posted: Dec 29th 2011

I got a stress wallace, a wallace key ring, a gromit soft toy and W&G mug

LoveShaun19 Posted: Dec 29th 2011

I got all of their movies on DVD! :D

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 29th 2011

A grand day out 20th aniversery, cure of the ware rabbit, w and g comic, and buzz wire bomb.

wallace05man Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

i got wallace and gromit socks, a w&g 2012 calendar and a keyring

morph2468 Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

huge shaunthesheep slippers and wallace and gromit calender!!!

chicken lickin Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

cool beans;)

puppylove Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

whos beans?

puppylove Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

i wanted that calender and that calender only but i didnt get anything for chrismas:'( my dad says hes gonna give me a WII U this month when it comes out but i dout it.lets just say he dosent keep his promisis:-(

wallace05man Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

was it this calendar? this is the one i got

wallace05man Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

and i got these keyrings

edmond Posted: Jan 3rd 2012

I got a Soft Gromit

chicken lickin Posted: Jan 3rd 2012

Puppy love-its a saying
and also am glad pepople got wallace and gromit stuff because its stuff worth having|-)

chicken lickin Posted: Jan 3rd 2012

Nice one mmasonghi studios

puppylove Posted: Jan 3rd 2012

accualy the calender i wanted was from the shop of the site but that one is very nice too,:smile well its not something wallace and gromit but i got a guiness 2012 from my aunt:)thats something i guess

wallace05man Posted: Jan 3rd 2012

i got guiness 2012 aswell:D

wallace05man Posted: Jan 4th 2012

i also got an ipod touch and got loads of wallace & gromit apps on it. the apps i got were
all the W&G comic apps, Chat-o-matic, Aardmag, All the shaun the sheep comics, home sheep home, and home sheep home 2.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jan 4th 2012


Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 4th 2012


I got loadsa other W&G stuff too

puppylove Posted: Jan 6th 2012

wow wallace05man you got everything on your list.i bet your like 9, or 8, or 10 max 7.:-|i stoppet getting asmost my 4 present list of presents when i was 9.

wallace05man Posted: Jan 6th 2012

what makes you think i'm 7? and i didn't write a list, i just gave my parents some ideas of what i might want and they bared them in mind.

wallace05man Posted: Jan 6th 2012

and i'm 13 by the way.

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Jan 7th 2012

omg never post age on website and am over 15 if your asking

chicken lickin Posted: Jan 16th 2012

i got a calada, radio, clock, soap and bath set for my birthday

puppylove Posted: Jan 16th 2012

i dont get something:why is it SOOOO insecure to give away something so insignificant like first name,age or if you male of female.its not least i think it one can do nothing with that bit of info:-|

puppylove Posted: Jan 16th 2012

i dont dought that your 13. your really smart;);)

wallace05man Posted: Jan 16th 2012

thank you and to your previous comment, i don't think it's very dangerous either, but i think aardman staff probably have a reason that we don't know

puppylove Posted: Jan 16th 2012

i guess there just trying to protect us and not get blamed if something really bad happends|-)

WAG215 Posted: Jan 16th 2012

I didnt get any wallace and gromit items for christmas :-(:-(

chicken lickin Posted: Jan 19th 2012

wag215-you can buy some with your christmas money:D

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 19th 2012

i didn't get any W&G stuff 4 christmas
so im gonna go look in the online shop now

puppylove Posted: Jan 20th 2012

maybe wag215 didnt get any cristmas money.:-|or maybe he dosent like to spend his money:)i know i do;)

WAG215 Posted: Jan 20th 2012

lol I did get Christmas Money :) but I already spent it on stuff i NEEDED hahaha but ya know Ill probibly get some more wallace and gromit stuff soon! :D

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