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Gluben Posted: Jan 8th 2012

Does anyone have an online scan or copy of the Wallace and Gromit poster for A Matter of Loaf and Death? More specifically, as it's double-sided, I'd like the Christmas scene side of it. I was going to get it when it was first available but never got the chance. :(

I've included a screengrab of the page in the 2008 Christmas Radio Times, to show you what I mean...

samuelhayward Posted: Sep 15th 2012

Wow, I wish I had this too

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 16th 2012

I Do! but it's too big to scan!!!

samuelhayward Posted: Sep 16th 2012

 could you scan it in sections?

Gluben Posted: Sep 16th 2012

Someone from the Radio Times actually sent me a copy for free! I kept bugging them to see if they still had a copy, which they hadn't, but obviously they've found one!

I will try and take a picture of it to upload for you all.   

samuelhayward Posted: Sep 17th 2012

Thank you!

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 17th 2012

i would, but there is no way it will fit around my scanner, which is in an extremely tight space!!

samuelhayward Posted: Sep 18th 2012

Don't worry then GLB, but if I was to do it I would take a photo of the whole thing and upload it so you can zoom in to read it.

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