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wallace05man Posted: Jan 10th 2012

i uploaded a drawing at the same time as "a christmas disaster" but it wasn't approved and i don't know why because it wasn't violent or anything.:-(

wallace05man Posted: Jan 11th 2012

don't worry it's shown up now:D

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 20th 2012

do they take like a day to show up because i had the same problem?

wallace05man Posted: Jan 21st 2012

i uploaded 2 creations at the same time and one of them appeared 2 days later than the other one for some reason but it's ok now

Rmosie2 Posted: Mar 14th 2012

Yeah, it can sometimes take ages to approve your creations and it can sometimes take only like a couple of hours. I don't really know why though!

ThatGuy Posted: Mar 15th 2012

Maybe you can only submit one at a time.

Any of you know why none of the the threads I started show up?...
Are they just waiting for approval by the mods or something?

wallace05man Posted: Mar 15th 2012

@ThatGuy are u new to this site because when you are new i think your threads have to be approved first

ThatGuy Posted: Mar 15th 2012

Yeah, that's what I thought... thanks wallace05man.
(and yes I am new)

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Hi wallace05man, I'm not sure which creation of yours wasn't approved but we don't have anything else from you waiting to go into the creations gallery. But if you want to upload it again I will have a look and let you know!

Welcome to the site ThatGuy! Wallace05man is right, it is because you are new right now, but soon you'll be able to post normally :)

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Apr 19th 2012

a week ago i posted a gumby model and it it still hasn't showed up!

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