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The Return of CrackingToast Posted: Jan 23rd 2012

I don't know if any of you remember me, but he who used to be CrackingToast (I can't remember my old password so i've made a new account). When I was on here, I was working on my own Wallace and Gromit fan-film 'The Mystery Monkey', which I gave up on yonks ago. Anyway, I've joined this forum again so I can share with you something i'm working on at the moment which I, for the first time, have a deadline for! The project is going to be a short 3-minute film about animation, how it's done and why it appeals to me. I'm well-known by the head of my year at my school for being a budding stop-motion animator and, since there has recently been a series of assemblies with people in my year showing off their talents (Usually singing or, in one case, karate!), I was asked to do an assembly about animation with some kind of 'animation' involved. I have to do this assembly this Friday! I haven't done animation for a long time and so it's took me a while to get used to it again but I started properly animating on Saturday (late, I know, but i've had revision and tests to do with postponed me starting on it). It's going to be a simply piece with two Aardman-style Snails talking about animation. I've gone for Aardman-style snails because they are easy to animate and because I know the design well, it's in my comfort zone. So, anyways, here's a picture from it. I'll upload the finished short-film on this website or youtube on the weekend, hopefully.

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