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WAG215 Posted: Jan 23rd 2012

Hey Everyone, Im gonna make a new video and need ideas. You could even just request characters and lines for the video. And you will get credit just like before! Thanks!

puppylove Posted: Jan 23rd 2012

i think you should do a video where they have an underwater adventure. maybe they find an old treasure map somewhere and they find it. wallace makes an submerine and they set off. its simple and i dont have the full idea but it might work.:Dand the treasure could be a life suply of cheese!|-)

Nathan M Posted: Jan 24th 2012

*If this video is unrelated from the previous one you did as it contains Feathers Mcgraw*

Feathers McGraw has escaped from prison and is off to seek his revenge on Wallace and Gromit. He plants stolen objects in their house and the police believe that Wallace and gromit are the thieves when in fact it is McGraw. Feathers McGraw does all that it takes so he is not seen by anyone when planting the objects and does all that he can to frame Wallace and Gromit.

When/If Feathers succeeds in his mission he could then live in Wallace and Gromit's house. But little does he know that it was Wallace who only got arrested and Gromit is still there. *You could see Wallace in prison* Then a big fight scene happens between Gromit and Feathers where Feathers runs away and Gromit is trying to catch his and take him down. then someone is successful in winning the fight.. But who?..

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 24th 2012

that could work

not a bad idea

puppylove Posted: Jan 24th 2012

i thought the next movie should envolve some other kind of villian tha isnt feathers.maybe we can invent some new kind of villan;)

WAG215 Posted: Jan 24th 2012

Well everyone Im filming the video right now! :D

puppylove Posted: Jan 24th 2012

but what r u gonna do?

WAG215 Posted: Jan 24th 2012

Your idea! ;)

puppylove Posted: Jan 25th 2012

really? you luvvy!;)

WAG215 Posted: Jan 25th 2012

Of course, it was a great idea. Its gonna take a while to make though!

puppylove Posted: Jan 25th 2012

WAG215 Posted: Jan 25th 2012

puppylove Posted: Jan 27th 2012

wag215,why dont you post double trouble in the your creations page?8)maybe youll get more viewers!

WAG215 Posted: Jan 27th 2012

I submitted it, its still not there? I guess Ill try again then! :D

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