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The Return of CrackingToast Posted: Jan 24th 2012

(I've posted this thread before but it didn't appear and it's been days now. Something must have gone wrong.)

Hello everybody. I'm he who used to be known as CrackingToast (I couldn't remember my old password so i've made a new account). Basically, i'm back on here to tell you about an animation i've kind-of been commissioned to make. I've been asked by the head of my year at school to do an assembly for my year on Stop-Motion Animation, which is known by the head of my year as a hobby of mine. I'm working on an short 5-minute film at the moment explaining the ins and outs of stop-mo and why it appeals to me at the moment and it will be screened infront of my whole year next friday! Eeeek! So here's a picture from a scene i'm currently working on. I'll keep you all updated about further developments and i'll upload the final animation on Youtube or this website when it's done. :)

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