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puppylove Posted: Jan 31st 2012

i just finist studing about things like that in my school and recently our class had a debate on the fact that man landed on was true aganst false.i was in the truth group and we won:Dso in with side r u on and why? was the moon landing true or was it a total lie?

19982 Posted: Jan 31st 2012

mythbusters proved it

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 1st 2012

Mythbusters didnt prove it, they gave reason on how it is possible it happened.

puppylove Posted: Feb 1st 2012

so one aggres and the other not?:-|

19982 Posted: Feb 1st 2012

so you think we didnt?

cheesehead302 Posted: Feb 1st 2012

I think that it's a bunch of bull that people think the U.S. didn't land on the moon. Plus they showed a video. If anybody here gets launched into space, you can tell us. Oh, and another reason is Kids Next Door.

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 2nd 2012

I never said that, I am clearly saying it has never been proved/disproved.

puppylove Posted: Feb 2nd 2012

uh the kids next door is a cartoon and not real... im asking your opinion dosent matter if it was proved or not like maybe you belive in elfs even if it wasnt proved .:D

puppylove Posted: Feb 2nd 2012

tell me what you belive and why you think its true of a big foney

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 2nd 2012

it is true
there was only a rumour around the time

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 7th 2012

I have my reasons to believe what I believe. Half of me says it's a fraud; yet, I want to believe on the other half. Some of the video is strange.... Improper shadow placement.... Random glares from what are possibly wires.... Astronaut improbably being picked up after falling by something that is most likely a wire...And the video WAS indeed slowed down a bit. Why?! Yet, we have dozens of moon rocks... And where could all of the tax-payers money go? Its seems a miracle that JFK promised we would land on the moon by 1970, and it wasn't until 1969 we even came close. So, I am a skeptic.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 8th 2012

how do u explain the shuttle going up into the sky then?

you think they faked the shuttles that burnt up in the atmosphere in an attempt?

the only person that would ever know is .....everyone that will just accept the fact that we went to the moon.

also how would u explain the russians making tests to prepare for mars?

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 8th 2012

thank you cheese head, puppylove and 19982
you people seem 2 be the only ones that know the truth
.....WE lANDED ON THE MOON........

puppylove Posted: Feb 8th 2012

yes we did and i have reasons to beleve it!
1:the space suits are too heavy so a person on earth coun't walk so easaly with it!
2:you coun't see the footprints from a very stong microscope cause the moon vaporised
3:they wount say that the moon rocks where made from molden matereal for no reason
4:the video had problems cause it was hard to film something from the moon and record it and..
5:they not going to the moon much anymore because it requires GREAT SACRIFICE just think about it: cant have a family, your life has to be COMPLETELY DEDICATED to it and there are hard things in witch you have to adapt to.8)8)

Ben5463 Posted: Feb 8th 2012

we did!!!!!!!!!!!

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 8th 2012

of course we did!

puppylove Posted: Feb 8th 2012

i just dont get why peaple disagree:-|

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 9th 2012

neither do i

puppylove Posted: Feb 9th 2012

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 9th 2012

Don't say I don't know the truth. You obviously don't, either. I can tell this is an amateur discussion. Some things don't make sense in the Apollo 11 video. Open your eyes, this wouldn't be the first time the government pulled a fast one.

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 9th 2012

Oh, and yes, I do believe we ATTEMPTED to fly to the moon. But, we ran out of time before JFK's 1970 agreement, so, they faked it.

puppylove Posted: Feb 10th 2012

DUDE HAVE SOME RESPECT! we can belive what we whant. i DO belive that man landed on the moon even if some thing in the video dont make sence! if you disagree just say it but have some respect or dont write anything at all

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 10th 2012

ha ha that's rich!!

i do know the truth and we landed on the moon

get over it

btw my eyes r already open

puppylove Posted: Feb 10th 2012


harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 11th 2012

There is no complete proof it's real, my friend. And I do have some respect. You are the ones calling my beliefs wrong.

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 11th 2012

Oh, and YES, we are still in attempt to go to the moon. NASA stated that they were going to establish a PERMANENT colony on the moon. Seriously guys..... You don't know what you're dealing with or talking about.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 11th 2012

yes we do
so stop talking like we know nothing and u moan that we disagree with u but then u deny our opinion even counts!

puppylove Posted: Feb 11th 2012

you callecus AMATURES! you think thats respecting peaples thoughts of count to tell us in a nice way?

puppylove Posted: Feb 11th 2012


Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 12th 2012

I NEVER said we didn't land on the moon! :-|

Oh and while I find this topic interesting in general, some of you need to grow up and be mature. This is a 'Debate', if you have been in a debate the point is too listen to both sides of an argument and RESPECTFULLY challenge their opinions if you have proof or reasoning too. Lets all be nice.

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 12th 2012

Exactly, Clay Fighter. That's what I'm getting at. You can't name a thread "Debate" and then go calling other people's opinions and beliefs wrong. It's like opening up the Religion thread and start bad mouthing someone's religion.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 12th 2012

yeh but what ur doing is calling our beliefs wrong

puppylove Posted: Feb 12th 2012


harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 12th 2012

Ok.... Look at the first post I made in this thread. And then the second one after that. MrTechnoTrousers stated only you guys knew the truth and everyone else was basically wrong. I didn't do anything until you criticized me.

You also said you don't get why people disagree. Then why would you make a debate thread?

puppylove Posted: Feb 12th 2012

you where RUDE! you called us amatures in the 2nd thing you wrote!!! that what i didnt like!!! better jet said, that why you MADE ME ANGRY!!! i whant to see both sides of beleives from everyone but dont critizise the peaple that disagree with you! OK?

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 12th 2012

I am being incredibly calm over this. And I said the DISCUSSION was amateur, not you. And I didn't criticize the people who disagreed with me, YOU did.

puppylove Posted: Feb 12th 2012

well i thought you did:-|:-(:-|but i didnt critizied anyone for thinking the moon landing was a lie, i critizied you cause to me you where being rude to the people that believed the moon landing was true.:-(:-(:-|

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 12th 2012

Well, the criticism began after I posted my first message. And that was in no way mean to the people who believed we landed on the moon. I felt like you and MrTechnoTrousers were being rude in simile. :-|

puppylove Posted: Feb 12th 2012

no... i starded critisising when you did the 2nd one.during the 1st one u just staded my reasons for my beleive.

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 12th 2012

Puppylove, you really didn't, but MrTechnoTrousers did. He says only you guys knew the truth. NOONE knows the truth.

puppylove Posted: Feb 12th 2012

yeah that true! no one knows the truth. never mind i gorgive you :P

cheesehead302 Posted: Feb 12th 2012

Dudes, dudes just take it easy is only a disscution anyway. (P.S. I got thanked! :smile:)

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 12th 2012

I forgive you, too.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 12th 2012

why's it apparently always me criticising?

u did exactly the same thing

puppylove Posted: Feb 12th 2012

yeah i know but everything is ok now if your ok:)

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 12th 2012

i just don't see why harryboy is always saying its just me when that's not true

screw it im not gonna bother arguing any more

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 13th 2012

OK- everyone needs to calm down. These discussions are great if they stay as discussions rather than arguments.

puppylove Posted: Feb 14th 2012

thanks for unblocking it ellie m :)

Roosterlee Posted: Feb 14th 2012

Lots of people say he didnt, because of his shadow(or something like that.)
I'm not quite sure, but I think its most likely he did ! :)

evastar7 Posted: Feb 14th 2012

i think man did actually go the moon because why would you waste all that moeny making the rocket if it was fake?

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