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Roosterlee Posted: Feb 14th 2012

^ That's what I think aswell :)

Rhian38 Posted: Feb 14th 2012

Wel of course it s true you silly billies actually my dad was born on the day that man 1st landed on the moon Neil Armstrong his name was it was on the 20th of July 1969!! Anyway happy valentines day!!!!!

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 14th 2012

I'd lie, to believe so, but I do think it's weird how we haven't been since the 70s

puppylove Posted: Feb 14th 2012


cheesehead302 Posted: Feb 14th 2012

On top of that, W and G landed on the moon, dudes.

puppylove Posted: Feb 14th 2012

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk good point :D:D:D

Roosterlee Posted: Feb 15th 2012

Hahaha good point cheesehead302!

Rhian38 Posted: Feb 15th 2012

How could we 4get that!!! Whenwe r on the official w and g website??? Argh I'm so angry with myself!!:'(

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 15th 2012


harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 15th 2012

Alot of people are making good points on here and it's nice to see what they say. Thanks for unblocking it EllieM, and I truly am sorry if I got a little out of hand.

cheesehead302 Posted: Feb 16th 2012

You know what realy helps when your angry? *Says in 70s hipi tone* Talk like I'm doing and say dudes after everything, dudes.

Rhian38 Posted: Feb 16th 2012

@mr techno trousers
I meant how could we forget that w and g landed on the moon so everyone of course man has landed on the moon and so has dog!!!!

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 16th 2012

i just didn't get the angry with yoursef bit

puppylove Posted: Feb 16th 2012

there plastecine not real peaple:-|

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