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yianni Posted: Feb 6th 2012

where and how much can you get ball joint armatures for and from.

by the way did you know picture frame wire (aka multi strain) is good for armatures and also meccano

Hazzahoo Posted: Mar 17th 2012

you can get ball and socket armatures from animation suppiles they have a small range of armatures i highly recomend this website it also sells software, rigging tiedowns and more oh they have a do armature as well

hope i helped:D

yianni Posted: Mar 21st 2012

for how much?

Hazzahoo Posted: Mar 21st 2012

they range between £40 to £180

you can get packs wich range between £200 to £290:D

yianni Posted: Mar 23rd 2012

Sorry I live in Australia I don't do pounds sorry but ill find out what it's like in dollars|-):D

yianni Posted: Mar 23rd 2012

But we can still talk about stuff cos your on my buddy list

Hazzahoo Posted: Mar 30th 2012

sorry about that ill see if there are any armaters sold in dollars:D

yianni Posted: Mar 31st 2012

oh don't worry it;s fine

Hazzahoo Posted: Apr 1st 2012

i think they sell in dollars im not sure

yianni Posted: Apr 2nd 2012

is it 2012 up in england

Hazzahoo Posted: Apr 2nd 2012


alibongob Posted: Nov 10th 2012

right, i have a question you know you tie armaturesd down right how caun you make them walk ???

samuelhayward Posted: Nov 10th 2012

Experiment... That's all I can say, and act it out yourself.

alibongob Posted: Jan 14th 2013

haha i was araid that would be the answer

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 19th 2013

Well, there are a few ways you can do it:

Firstly, attach a small magnet to the bottom of each leg on the armature and then place it on a magnetic surface. This will add weight to stabilise your character and means that it will stand freely far easier.

You can also use tie downs, which entails putting a bolt in the foot of your character and having holes across the entirety of your set. This way is obviously very impractical and usually ruins a very nice set.

Finally, you can make a character walk without even making them leave the ground! Sounds ridiculous I know, however, it works, and does so very well!

Here is an image Cavor posted some time ago (It was pretty arduous task going through my animation/sculpture folder to find this image hehe) showing how to get an effective walk cycle without your character leaving the ground.

I hope this gives you a clearer view on how to get a decent looking walk cycle when animating. If you have anymore questions I'll be here to answer them as well!

Good luck,


alibongob Posted: Jul 9th 2013

@666joshy666 thanks :)

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