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samuelhayward Posted: Feb 6th 2012

Who's heard about Aardman having to re do a whole scene because a charity was against the fact that a mans arm falls off in the film 'pirates'?

samuelhayward Posted: Feb 6th 2012

Don't you think that's cruel to make a company change part of their film? Especially when so much effort has gone into producing it.

Nathan M Posted: Feb 6th 2012

Its a shame that they have to change part of the film. However it has offended people with the illness and I think that the last thing that Aardman would want to do is offend anyone. Personally I think that it is just a harmless joke that is placed into the film and it should have stayed.

samuelhayward Posted: Feb 6th 2012


mmasonghi studios Posted: Feb 6th 2012

yeah I heard about this a couple weeks ago :-| and I agree with Nathan

Fionah Posted: Feb 7th 2012

I think they should have kept it in the film. The leprosy company said people with leprosy arms don't fall off and it's not realistic. So it's just a joke!:)

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 7th 2012

People get away with putting the term "retard" in their films! Is that much different?

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 8th 2012

People still say retard in films? :O

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 8th 2012

Sure, almost every comedy has derogitary terms like 'retard'. :-|

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 8th 2012

Really? Not much of that over here, just stuff like idiot etc but not retard. There is a little in imported shows, but I don't see it often.

harryboy8080 Posted: Feb 9th 2012

Then you're lucky, GLB. The term wrecks whole films. It truly is a shame. Coming from someone who has a cousin with nonverbal autism, people really don't know how painful the word "retard" can be.

ardman Posted: Feb 9th 2012

and its still in the ad

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 13th 2012

That is not very fair to have to remake a whole scene but aardman does not want to offend anyone

evastar7 Posted: Feb 18th 2012

your right its no very fair it isent ment to affend any one and they spent a long timemaking it!:-|

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 18th 2012

I know, I was looking forward to seeing that scene

The Return of CrackingToast Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

Honestly? That's ridiculous. It's a harmless joke! From what we can see in the trailers, the scene does NOT poke fun at leprosy in any way. By having characters with leprosy and jokes concerning them in the film, that does make it against leprosy at all. The characters just happen to have leprosy and in a cartoony sense anyway, I mean, your arm can't actually fall off if you have leprosy, i'm pretty sure. There are characters in the film who don't have leprosy: Is every joke that concerns those characters offensive to people who don't have leprosy? Of course not!

evastar7 Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

i argree with you too with lepresy the arm doest actully come off,so i cant see how it is offensive! :-|

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

This reminds me of an incident with the cartoon "The Far Side". Gary Larsen (the author) drew a cartoon of two apes making fun of Jane Goodall; the people who ran Goodall's business for her threw a fit, and demanded it be pulled from papers, that tthere should be written apologies, etc. But when they actually got around to asking Goodall herself to look at it, some weeks later, she threw them all for a loop by telling them she absolutely loved the cartoon and wanted to keep a copy. People get offended too easily, especially on the behalf of groups as a whole - just because someone makes a joke doesn't mean they hate you or disagree with you or what you stand for. It seems we've lost the ability to distinguish between an insult and a joke, or between poking fun at generalities and deliberately mocking a specific person. We are not all exactly equal in appearance or behavior, and sometimes, real humor lies in the great differences themselves; when you ban freedom to joke about your fellow man, you take a lot of humor away and make humor based solely on the crude, crass, or unpleasant.

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