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samuelhayward Posted: Feb 6th 2012

If Peter Sallis can't do the voice of Wallace anymore, then why don't they do auditions to see who can do it similar to Peter's? I just really want a new W&G film to come out.
What do you guys think?

Nathan M Posted: Feb 6th 2012

Heaven forbid that Peter wont be able to do Wallace's voice in the future, however I think they have software these days that would be able to do Wallace's voice to match Peter Sallis. Also they found a person that can speak like Wallace that they used for the PC games that can do a Wallace impression quite well.
I hope that Peter Sallis will be able to do more wallace and gromit for many many more years to come and cant wait for another to come out :)

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 15th 2012

i agree, no one would ever match the way peter sallis make wallace's expression

Fionah Posted: Feb 16th 2012

I hope Peter Sallis can keep doing Wallace's voice but if he can't I think they should just get someone else to do it but I agree it wouldn't be the same without Peter Sallis! Peter Sallis is cool!

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 16th 2012

@sheperdess wendolene -he does the voice not the expression

Hazzahoo Posted: Mar 23rd 2012

i hope peter sallis carrys on doing wallace

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