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The Return of CrackingToast Posted: Mar 14th 2012

Honestly, here we go again, i'm being told to stop noticing people being against homosexuality. Surely a mod can come and actually sort this out because there is something seriously wrong here. This forum's quality has gone down a heck of alot since the old times I was on this, that's for sure.

puppylove Posted: Mar 15th 2012

im not agains it! whats wrong with u?! why are people always obsessed like is there life gol to bother me and/or bully me so much! just cause i said hes not gay? JESUS!

samuelhayward Posted: Mar 15th 2012

There are younger people on this site. If you want to talk about that, then do it somewhere else.

puppylove Posted: Mar 15th 2012

are there...? i dont wanna talk about it im just defending myself thats alll.

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