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Fionah Posted: Feb 12th 2012

@Aardman Staff

I know it is nowhere near christmas but the xmas that has just been there was hardly any christmassy wallace and gromit things and i don't really want it to be the same this christmas so please aardman could we have more wallace and gromit xmas products. Last year i only had a 2010 advent calender, a christmas card and a poster. This year please could we have something like a new advent calendar, a stocking, wrapping paper, christmas cheeseboard, hats,scarfs,gloves,sledges and stuff like that. I would really like that sort of thing and i would pay good money for them and I know lots of other people who would too! :) PLEASE REPLY! PLEASE!!

Fionah Posted: Mar 8th 2012

Please post!!

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Jun 23rd 2012

that is a good idea

samuelhayward Posted: Jun 24th 2012

nice, but weather it is possible for them to turn it around in the 3 months before the shops would be selling it i don't know. Manufacturing takes the best part of a year, from design to being finished and loaded off to the shops. I would like to think it's true though!

Fionah Posted: Jun 28th 2012

true.because every yr there r no nice advent calendars

FROG MOUTH Posted: Jul 6th 2012

I agre

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