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LoveShaun19 Posted: Feb 18th 2012

A Fun project my friend Emmyred18 came up with. Details to follow!

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 18th 2012

From my experiences on these forums, I have discovered there are several people on here who really like to write a lot. Let's see if we can make a really cool Pass-a-long story for other people on here to read! I'll start it off, but then the rest of you join in and we'll see what we can come up with! Feel free to post as many posts as you like!


To participate, post full or partial new chapters (preferably a lot of them) to the story to advance the plot. A full chapter consists of:

1. A heading/name (not just a number)

2.Three or more paragraphs of story. By this I count paragraphs of over three sentences - shorter ones don't count in the "three or more".

Anything not following these is a partial chapter and will either be included as part of the chapter above it or have some paragraphs added to the end of it by me or the next user to post.


1.Everything must be G-Rated so far as foul language and adultrous activities go. Violence may be PG rated, but no graphic, bloody, or gory descriptions allowed! (in other words, keep it within this site's rules of friendliness please)

2.The chapter must pertain to the story, so at least skim over what the people before you have written before you proceed. Total randomness can be funny, but it makes for a pretty confusing book.

3. I've started a seperate thread for comments on this (see so that this thread is story only; no non-story posts please!

4. Have fun with this! Don't be spiteful to any other user or derogatory, and don't stress out over making it perfect. Just use common sense and enjoy yourself.

If anyone does not follow the guidelines, I will message them on the "Best Story Comments" forum and ask them to edit their post. Thanks, and God Bless!:)

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 18th 2012

Here is the start of the story. I know this is long, but I thought I'd best set a tone and mood. This is the Prologue and Introduction.


Ah, an adventurous traveler. Well, how do you do. Welcome to my home, such as it is. You know, there are few humans who have the courage to pass this way; a place like this is difficult to reach, and is even more difficult to comprehend, let me tell you. But it is nice to have a visitor, I must say.

What's that? Oh my! Yes, certainly, I'll explain everything, in detail. You poor child, I wasn't aware you happened upon this place by mistake; it's hard enough to reach on purpose so I assumed...well, never mind. Poor thing, no wonder you look so fatigued; this place is enough to make the most brilliant minds in the world go stark raving mad, if you don't realize it's secret.

Have some tea. You know, you are only the second one to have ventured here by Providence and not from seeking it out specifically. I was the first, you know; I was a stowaway on a ship bound for this place, though if I had realized it was coming here I might have thrown myself overboard; especially since the land was at war at the time.

You see, this surreal and bizzare place is the Skyway, or, as I prefer to call it, the Land of Imagination. It is a blend of the fantasies, dreams, nightmares and illusions of countless minds, ever changing and difficult to control. The thing is, though, it is real, and not just fantasy; what is dreamed becomes reality here. Which explains the incapability of the stolid and the unimaginative to understand it. Of course, the creatures that live here have long since mastered its secrets, as have I; you will need to as well, if you ever wish to survive to return home. But don't worry about that, it's not as difficult as it looks. Come, sit here and have a rest.

MY story? Oh, dear, no. It's not really mine to tell; I was a stowaway, you see. That war I became caught up in was about far more involved and important characters than myself; I very much doubt I could do them justice and...oh, all right. If you insist. Lets see.... I suppose I should begin with Kassomer. He was the one who had the idea for the quest in the first place, which landed us in right in the middle of the whole mess. Of course, we didn't reach this place right away; heavens no. We had quite the line of bizarre adventures before we ever got here. But I digress. About Kassomer.....

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 18th 2012


The people of Faihrell were simple folk; farmers and gardeners all, who attended service on Sundays and spent the rest of the week either working the land for their own sustenance or coming into town and relaxing in one of many local taverns to spin yarns of days gone by. There was a Baron of the land, confortably installed in the only castle for leagues about; he kept with him a guard of knights, but this was more from tradition than necessity; there had been no wars or severe danger for centuries. There was a local Sheriff as well, but he spent most every day out hunting with his pet falcon, as there were no real laws that ever needed enforcing save the odd petty theif to catch.

There was only one thing about Faihrell that really set it apart from other idyllic, peaceful towns cut off from outside contact; it needn't have been. Less than a league away, a large sea sparkled and glowed, as if begging Faihrell to use it for travel, and possible trade routes with other lands. But no houses were within a mile of it; furhtermore, anyone who suggested going anywhere near the coast would be considered insane. There was something about the mist-enshrouded, black-sanded area that frightened the townsfolk; something, though none were sure what, that terrified them out of their wits. For in the far past, several generations back, several ships of adventurers had set out, one after another, across the waters. Most had not returned, and those that had were damaged, with practically every member of the crew stark raving mad. Thus it was that the people of Faihrell moved their homes as far as possible from the shore, and forbade their children to ever set foot in the area.

Yet it was a child, or rather a young man, who would discover the secret of what lay over those waters. A child from the town, who was considered the local ringleader of trouble; with his brothers, sisters, and bevy of friends, he was to become the first to find out once and for all what great adventures lay beyond the sparkling black sands of the misty shores. His name was Kassomer, son of the local blacksmith. And this is his story.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 18th 2012

His mother passed away when he was very young so he was sometimes a troubled boy. His father would make him do hard labour and do all the work, he would say "if you are going to be a blacksmith, you had better learn how to work".

However Kassomer found a spot on the hills where he could be at one with the surroundings and be at peace. He would spend all day up on those hills staring down at the animals of the land, at night he would lay and look at the stars gazing upon there beauty.

This life kassomer thought he would be trapped in forever started to fade away as he realised a new life was about to begin. A life of adventure, amazing discoveries and extreme danger...

evastar7 Posted: Feb 18th 2012

this story is really good! i really want to read it iam bit of a book worm myself! |-)

LoveShaun19 Posted: Feb 18th 2012

Suddenly he heard a voice behind him. "Kassomer!" He spun around and saw a boy a year younger than himself. He recognized him as the apprentice to his father. He was a small, fairly young lad, with very serious eyes. His parents, were the sort of no-nonsense people that Kassomer had come to dread. They ridiculed his fantasies, and they were in the process of trying to shape their young son into a " proper" person, who would remain constantly within the realms of reality, and who would never let his mind wander beyond that which he already knew. That is why they had put the boy into the apprenticeship of Kassomer's father, because they knew that if anyone could keep their son from being imaginative, it would be the stolid blacksmith. Despite their teachings, the young lad was not completely refined, and had an appalling tendency to be seen frequently in the company of the blacksmith's son, Kassomer " The Dreamer". This caused his parents much chagrin, but they assured their neighbors, that he was still in training, and that they expected to see some more progress soon. Despite his interest in Kassomer and his dreams, the lad was already starting to be of a serious bent of mind, but not so much as to completely ridicule the ideas of Kassomer. While he wasn't sure as to whether or not Kassomer was quite the right company for him to be in, he still thought him a decent fellow with interesting thoughts. Kassomer, in his turn, appreciated the fact that the boy would listen to him, and found his unsure seriousness somewhat amusing. Though they had somewhat odd views of each other, I think it would be safe to say that they were generally what is called friends. Yes, decidedly they were friends.

puppylove Posted: Feb 18th 2012

do you know each other off the site?

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 18th 2012

does who know who?

LoveShaun19 Posted: Feb 18th 2012

Yes, I know Emmyred in person. She requested that if we're going to talk we move to the thread, " Best Story Ever Comments" so we don't get in the way of the flow of the story. :)

puppylove Posted: Feb 18th 2012

ah. cool! i always wonder how you peaple look like:D

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 18th 2012


"Kassomer! Kass, where are you?"

Leaving off his stargazing for a moment, the older boy stifled a chuckle as the full moon illuminated his father's apprentice toiling laboriously up the hill. The younger boy was within thirty yards of him; however, he was very nearsighted - as the thick spectacles he wore proclaimed - and it was obvious that, as everything was bathed in bluish gloom, he had yet to distinguish his friend from the tall, thick, waving field grass separating them. Pausing for breath, he peered about. "Phew! Kass, please tell me where you are; this is beyond a joke!"

Kass (as he preferred to be called) took pity on his friend. "Over here, Otto!"

"Where?" Otto pleaded.

"HERE!" Kass cupped his hands about his mouth.

Otto squinted through his spectacles, peering this way and that before finally percieving the tall, thin figure waving at him. He groaned, resuming his uphill progress. "Oh. Stay there, then. Do you know how long I've been trying to find you?"

Kass laughed. "Judging by the state you're in, I'd guess...oh, five minutes?"

Reaching the top, Otto glared at him, flopping wearily to the ground. "Very funny. You missed dinner, you know; Jharri said she's going to roast you in tomorrow's stew if you do that again."

The older boy couldn't help but grin at the thought of his gentle-natured older sister roasting anyone; she couldn't even cook a chicken without her father's help. As if percieving his thoughts, Otto added, "But that's the least of your worries. Your father's in a roaring temper; he found out about your wandering down to the Black Sands yesterday. Jharri sent me to warn you."

Kass blinked. "Found out? I TOLD him I was going down there."

"But he didn't believe you; he thought you were only boasting. Why did you do it anyway? It''s...well, not exactly the best place to be..."


The question was so abrupt and sharp, Otto was taken aback. " know...the Screaming Horrors, the Curse, whatever you want to call it."

Kass gave his friend a look of pity mixed with disdain, and snorted, addressing no one in particular. "Men and women in other lands suffer war, disease, torture, and all sorts of horrors, and live through it anyway. WE live in a happy, peaceful place where nothing ever happens, and we're paralyzed by fear to go near a strip of land just because it LOOKS scary and has a legend."

Otto's hands went to his hips. "Have you been reading those books again?"

Ignoring him, Kass continued his rant, gesturing towards the waves in the distance. "Look down there; there's a whole world of adventure out there beyond the coast; new lands to visit, new adventures to be had out there past the waters. Of course, we can only imagine what's out there; no one here has the skill to build a ship. Some people around here don't even know what a ship IS!"

Otto sighed. "Yep, you've been reading those books again."

"And what if I have?" demanded Kass. "It's only old historical documents; it might do some other people good to read it. Then they'd see there's nothing strange about the shore itself, just the lands beyond it; what is so wrong with wanting to go down there to stargaze, and let one's imagination wander?"

Quoting nearly every older inhabitant of Faihrell, Otto recited what he'd been taught. "Because it's dangerous to imagine what's out there. If you start to let your mind wander, you'll start wanting to wander out there yourself, and goodness knows what'll happen to you then?"

Kass' pale green eyes took on the expression that had earned him the local nickname of "The Dreamer"; a fanatical, excited light. "But, don't you see, that's the beauty of it! No One knows what's out there; it could be amazing or horrific, wonderful or terrifying, but it would be a fantastic adventure nonetheless! Don't you see, there's no limit to what could be out there, or what WE could be - pirates, kings, warriors, dreamers, you name it; the fact that we don't know is what's so exciting. That's what I like about the idea of adventure. Some people aren't made for it, I grant you; but I've got a feeling I was, somehow."

As always when confronted with the prospect of adventure, Otto began to feel a twinge of doubt; Kass was so persuasive, so enthusiastic, one could almost, there was that dangerous word. Imagination was only good when used in moderation, to solve problems and such like.

"We'd better get back." Otto pointed out. "Otherwise it'll be your father who comes looking for you next, and that definitely won't improve his temper. Besides, we have no means of traveling anyplace; we're blacksmiths, remember, not sailors. And your supper is getting cold."

Bad-temperedly surrendering to reality, Kass gathered his tattered cloak about him and followed Otto back down the hill. From behind a rock, a pair of glittering dark emerald eyes watched, the haggard mouth below them forming a thin, satisfied smile...

mk7 Posted: Feb 18th 2012

CHAPTER 2: The Layer of the Goblins
From his hiding place in the rocks, the creature smiled triumphantly. The boy was right where he wanted him. Retrating down a crevice he escaped into the mountainside.
The darkness might be ominous to others, but the creature welcomed it. That isn't to mean he wasn't surprised to hear a voice calling his name from the mouth of the cave.

"Ishmael!!" cried another strange beast, this one with tan, rough wrinkled skin and two small, blunt horns protruding from the top of his head. "What is the situation with the child?"

"He is fine, still distant from the other townspeople, brother" said Ishmael.

"That is good, it will not be good if he has to many ties, if he is to be sent to wherever our master wishes him to be sent," replied the other creature.

Ishmaels response was tentative "However..."

"However what?"

"Well, Ritherial, the other boy, the child called 'Otto'... he appears to have a bond with the boy" Ishmael muttered looking up at his rather imposing brother.

Ritherial grinned malevolently "Well he can be taken care of cant he?"

"I like your sense of humor," said Ishmael, though rather half-heartedly. At that the two goblins set off down the tunnel. Soon they reached the archway, the two armoured gaurds crossing their spears.

"th' King is anrgy, 's best not to go in just now, good sirs"

Ritherial opened his mouth showing his teeth in what could almost be called a smile."I'm sure our news will cheer him up,"

Ishmael gulped

The gaurd shrugged "Whatev'r you says sir" The gaurds uncrossed their spears and Ishmael and Ritherial parted the doors and entered the room. Inside, lounging in a chair was a large, rotund greenish-looking goblin with a crown hap-hazardly on his head. While still obviously a cave deep underground, the walls had a shined posished look and everything far better taken care of. Except the goblin sitting in the throne.

"What is it this time?! Why are you disturbing my slumber you doddering fools!?" shouted the king.

The gaurds were right, he is angry, thought Ishmael from his rather more uncomfortable position kneeling leaned forward on the floor

"We have good news, sire" said Ritherial with a tint of sarcasm in his voice

The king must have mistaken the sarcasm for submission, because Ritherial still had his head firmly attached to his shoulders. "What is it then?" said the king with a disinterested air

"It's about the boy," Ritherial continued.

The King looked up, suddenly intrested "Yes?"

"He has been shunned by the other towns people and is beginning to drift further apart from his family and friends, ALL of them," said Ishmael, with a pointed look at Ritherial. Why he wanted to protect the boys family, and the other child, even he did not know. And he would probably pay for it later

Ritherial obviously didnt know either, but lying to the king was a serious offence, and while Ritherial was cruel, surly and just a tad bit vicious, he did love his brother (Though he'd pobably kill you if you told anyone) so he went along with it. "Yes, ALL of them," he said.

"YES!! The time has come! You must lure the child away!!" said the king with glee

"Wh-where, sire?" asked Ishmael

The king showed his pointy teeth "The sea of course! The sea!

mk7 Posted: Feb 19th 2012

You arent supposed to write anything on this thread unless it is is part of the main story

War_Banshee127 Posted: Feb 20th 2012

oh so so sorry :-(

mk7 Posted: Feb 20th 2012

Just use the Best Story Comments thread from now on :)

War_Banshee127 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

Chapter 3. (For emmyred's story not the cat story)
The king and ishmael and the child went to the gold pearl harbor to get a sail boat. When they go deeper into the ocean the waves become dangerous and the winds become strong as lions fighting a tiger. A fog covered the sea. "Sire, We must turn back! the waves are dangerous and the winds are strong and the fog is hard to see!" Said ishmael. "No, we cannot. We must go on" Said the king. "Ye-yes my lord" Said ishmael. The sea was filled with terrible creatures and some say there's even a great white shark the size of a house almost! A huge black object beneath the waves goes towards the boat. "What in the name of the heavens is that?!" Said the king. The object unleashes a dorsal fin at the top of the waves. "Sire... Maybe we should GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!" Yelled Ishmael. "I told you already! We are not going back!!" Said the king. The object crashed into the side of the boat with a big hole. "Were sinking!" They all screamed. The object was black tooth, The great white shark the size of a house almost. The waves carry them to an island just in time before the ship was about to sink. Ishmael went and took a look at the hole. "I guess were not going anywhere but here" Mumbled Ishmael. "Lets just go find stuff for the boat we can fix with" Said the king while going into the forest. The jungle wasn't just filled with birds and monkeys....... BUT TIGERS!
What did you think of that? Is that good enough for chapter 3 for emmyred's story?

mk7 Posted: Feb 21st 2012


Kassomer looked around at his surroundings. How did he get here? Where was Otto? He was so disoriented, he appeared to be seeing strange small creatures, one with pointed horns and bubbly, rough skin, the other, a rather fat creature, with pale green skin and sickly looking eyes. How could this be? Slowly rubbing his eyes, Kass walked up to the smaller creature, who was looking around ferfently, pretending to gather wood. The fat one was talking to a third goblin, much like the one next to Kass, exept this one had a decidedly malevolent air. Kass made a mental note to be wary of that one.

"How did I get here?" said Kass, rather timidly, slightly shocked that his voice even had the ability to sound as such.

The goblin looked up warily "Don't you remember?" he asked with a tentative glance at the king. The King took no notice. Kassomer shook his head no.

The goblin sighed "Well this firewood isnt going to gather itself. I'll tell you if you help me." it said hopefully. Kassomer kneeled down and began examining the surroundings for wood.

"My name is Kassomer, but my friends call me Kass.... I think for now you should call me Kassomer."

The goblin laughed, although, really, it was more of a scraping sound. "Fair enough, My name is Ishmael. Everyone calls me Ishmael. You can too I suppose." Ishmael chuckled again. "Do you really not remember how you got here?"

Again Kassomer shook for no.

"Ah well, let me explain..."

{Flashback time :) }

mk7 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

Chapter Four: Into the night.

It was a dark and stormy night, the sea and wind exchanging stories of long ago and far away with their howls and splashes. The people of Faihrell were shut up in their homes as they always were on nights like this one. The curse, some said, could travel in vapors and tendrils on nights like this one, seeping into homes like a toxic gas. Thus the townspeople dare not venture out on a night like this. All but Kassomer and Otto that is. Kassomer stare into the night with what appeared to be a desperate longing from his window on the second floor, as though the sea was calling him. Otto however was looking at Kassomer with dismay. Suddenly the candle that was illuminating the room flickered into nothing, filling the room with blackness. The door creaked open and Kass thought he saw a shadow, but he dissmissed it. Suddenly as if by magic, the flame reillumintated. Kassomer noticed two things. The first was that there was a note on the table, one that had not been there before. The second was that Otto was gone.

"Otto?" called Kass. No response. "Otto, this really isn't funny!" With mounting dread he opened the note.


Kass threw on his coat and shoes and bolted out the door into the night. Down the hill and through the woods, Kassomer ran as fast as he could. When he reached the sea he saw Otto, with his hands bound and a gag in his mouth standing in the surf. His eyes, behind his huge spectacles were wide with fear. He shook his head franticly for no, and Kassomer turned around just in time to see Ritherial (though he did not know the goblins name at the time) hit him with a large club. The last thing he remembered was Otto falling into the sea...

War_Banshee127 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

Chapter 5: Escaping the island is hard
meanwhile, A volcano sits at the center of the island. Inside is a hot boiling blanket of lava still up. A goblin comes to the volcano. "This island is a little too pity to be nice, It will soon melt with lava" Said the goblin with glee. He throws coal in and makes smoke from the volcano. The ground rumbles, The volcano shakes. The goblin flees before the volcano blows. The volcano Blows up and lava comes pouring out like rain. "The volcano is exploding!" Said Kass. Otto and Kass ran to the beach to fix the boat with the tools they found. But the boat was gone! The lava was coming quickly. The trees on fire. Otto and Kass were trapped. until the ground opened with a giant hole that kass and Otto felled in. the hole recovers it's dirt quickly before the lava reached it. Otto and Kass were in a dark cave. At the end was a shining light. They both go towards the shining light. They reached the shining light and they were stunned. "Diamonds!"

mk7 Posted: Feb 21st 2012


Kass ran down the tunnel, trying to make sense of the nights events. He remembered now Ritherial beaning him with the club. That explained the nasty bump on the back of his head. He ran his fingers over the welt. It was beginning to swell. He remembered Otto falling into the sea. Ishmael assured him that they had rescued Otto, and that he had been resting peacefully until shortly before Kass had regained conciousness. Unfourtunately, this had been after Kass spotted the King munching on an enoumous barbequed leg of some sort (he never did find out what it had been. Ugh) Gave him a nasty shock. He remembered talking with Ishmael about the Kings plans for him. Apparently they needed a person with a strong imagination and inginuity to brave the wilderness beyond the sea. Imagination dies at a certain age, Ishmael explained, so they needed a child, and Kass was the most imaginative one around. Kass also remembered the eruption and the deaths of... no it was too painful. Too painful to talk about. But not too painful to imagine...

mk7 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

CHAPTER 6: The Death of a Friend
Kassomer fell into the memory, the slightly enhanced colors awash around him. He looked around. He saw Otto, Ishmael, Ritherial, the King and himself. Himself? Kass rubbed his eyes. Nope, the other Kass was still there, but he appeared to be unable to see real Kass. The other Kassomer was talking to Ishamel. Suddenly, real Kass understood. He was in his own memory, and this was right before... Oh, No! Kassomer attempted to warn the memories, but it was too late! The volcano erupted. The memories looked up.

"Run!" Shouted Ishmael

The group set off towards the sea, real-Kass following. He saw himself, Otto and the others fall into the crevice that had saved their lives.

Or ended them, thought real-Kass.

The crevice closed up with the group inside, just as Kass knew it would. He willed himself down the tunnel after the others, and saw the dreaded diamonds. The King danced with glee

"Im gonna be rich, I'm gonna be rich!" he singsonged. This got to Ritherial.

"Your already rich!" he said, attempting to wrench the diamonds from his hands They wrestled, until the King slammed Ritherial's head into the wall. He stopped moving. His head slamming into the wall jarred the crevice just enough so the dirt trickled in on Otto's nose. He looked up.

"The crevice is open again!" he exclaimed "The lava is coming!"

He and memory-Kass took off down the hallway. Kass turned back when he realized no one was following. Ishmael, while trying to drag Ritherial along, had gotten hi foot lodged in a small crevice.

"Hurry!" memory-Kass cried

Ishmael stopped struggling "Its no use. My foot is jammed and I can see the lava coming. Go, save yourself. You are the closest thing I have ever had to a friend. I dont want you to die here too, Kassomer.

Memory-Kass sprinted down the hall, but he turned back to see Ishmael give him a wave and a solute. Lava was already trickling down the walls

"Call me Kass," both real-Kass and memory-Kass whispered in unison

War_Banshee127 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

Chapter 7: The water flood
Kass and the group were running down the tunnels away from the lava. Kass was sad that his friend, Ishmael, had given up his life. They run into a big dome with crystals all around it. The lava was coming quickly. a gap was in the wall of the dome. The group hears splashing noises. "Whats that noise?" Said Otto. drips of water was coming down from the sealing. "Water?" Said Kass. The walls explode with water coming out and dragging the group into a hidden tunnel. The lava reached the water but the lava and water turned into Obsidian. The group was sledding down the tunnel with water as fast as a jet plane.

branches were all over the tunnel walls. the water carries them towards a hole in the cave with a shining light. "is that day light?!" Said Kass. But it was not day light.... It was a Giant kingdom with trees on fire and lava pouring from the walls. "Is it just me or is this kingdom creepy?" Said Otto. A storm cloud covers the roofs of the castle. Goblins come with golden weapons.

The goblins surround the group. "I have a bad feeling about this" Said Kass.

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

(Got a Great Idea - hold off on new chapters for a minute, I type slow)

War_Banshee127 Posted: Feb 21st 2012


EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 21st 2012


The goblins ushered them down the hall into the king's chambers. Real-Kass trailed behind, knowing (and dreading) what was to come. The doors were opened, the gaurds leering and grinning at them as the moved past. This king was more round and greedier than the last, if that was even possible. They entered the room. The king grinned a malevolent grin.

"What are you doing here my pretties?" said the king. He said 'Pretties' the way you might say 'stinking pile of poop'

Kass had had a bad day, and his sadness has making him cocky. "Escaping the lava, dur da dur" he said angrily

The king dropped the act "Okay, no more Mr.Nice Goblin, eh? Now, which of you should I kill first? How bout the sassy boy? Gaurds!"

Suddenly, Otto spoke up "No! Take me instead!"

The King looked at him. "Oke-Doke! Then the other will have tolive with the pain of seeing you die. I like that."

The Gaurds brought Otto before the king. They raised their spears. memory-Kass looked away, but real-Kass suddenly screamed.

"NO!" the short anguished sound tore itself from his throat. Suddenly, the swirling colors of the memory turned shades of blue, and all the other people froze. Kassomer waded through the haze until he was infront of the gaurds. With a lot of effort, he removed the spears from their hands. But what was going on? This didnt happen. He knew Otto's fate. He'd seen it. What... Kass fainted.

When he awoke, the first thing he saw were Otto's spectacles.Otto's spectacles and Otto's face. He wasnt in the memory anymore, so how could Otto be here? Otto was dead.

"I seem to remember something about a rather fat goblin," said Otto conversationally.

Kass fainted again.

This time, when he woke up, Kass was able to stay in such a state for more than a few seconds.

"Y-You died," he managed after awhile

"I did," agreed Otto

"How can you be here? I remember... remembering. I was remembering what happened, and then my memory changed. I stopped.. your death," said Kass

"Indeed," said Otto "I also remember two sets of events. In one I die, In the other, you save me."

"But...How? And why are you suddenly so smart? And... and... unwimpy?" said Kass, his confusion making him bad tempered

"Ah, I have two theories. One is that, since the last thing I did was a selfless act, I came back brave. The other is that when you revived me, you put a little bit of yourself in me." said Otto

"When I saved you?”said Kass “I only imagined saving you!”

Otto looked at him, rather condescendingly “The goblins wanted you for your imagination. You can change what you want changed, just by thinking about it. You can alter what you want altered just by wishing it so! With an imagination like that, you could rule the world!”

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

(a continuation. sorry this is so long - I had quite the spell of inspiration)

Suddenly, in a flash of brilliant light, Kass was back where he had begun; back in the diamond crevice, right before the water had washed them away. Only this crevice was different - darker, bluer, more sinister. But this time, he was alone; not only his meory-self, but everyone else, seemed to have vanished.

"Otto! Otto, where are you?"

There was no response. The tunnel was empty.

"Come with me!"

Ritherial (for it was he) appeared as if from nowhere, grabbing Kass' hand. Though the horned, wicked-looking creature was half Kass' height, he had a grip like steel; before Kass knew what was happening, he was being pulled through a system of winding caves beneath the volcanic island - a cave system practically littered with gleaming gems. Armored and weaponed Goblins, like the ones from the dream before, wandered by, pausing to salute the high-ranking officer as he passed by; Ritherial ignored them, not daring to turn aside from an order. The King wanted to see the human again!

Corridor after corridor, yard after yard, winding passage after winding passage whirled by; Kassomer's aching head began to throb in the poor, flickering light. The disjointed memories began to come back in a rush; it seemed as if he could no longer distinguish reality from memory, or dream from actual happenstance. All he wanted to do was to lie down; all he wanted to do was rest, dream, get away from this nightmare! What on earth was happening to him?

The fat blob that was the Goblin king suddenly appeared before him...or was it the Goblin king? He seemed to be wavering in and out of focus like a candle flame that has been stared at for too long. "Well, Ritherial, has he recovered enough to have a talk with us?"

That was the last thing Kass heard; after that point, the two Goblin's mouths were moving, but no sound seemed to be coming out. Kass had no memory of falling to the floor; suddenly, he was there, with every Goblin present staring at him, their stunned faces appearing and reappearing between the confused bits and pieces of surreal memories.

"Kass? KASS! Oh, my heavens; someone, get help, quickly!"

The frantic, high-pitched voice cut through the flickering images of Kassomer's disjointed visions like a knife. The faces of the goblins about him still continued to fade in and out with flashes of strange memories; inbetween, painfully bright lights lanced through his aching head. What on earth was going on... Ships? Storms? Volcanos? Diamonds? A cave.. explosion..Ishmael's death..Time changing...but where was....

"OTTO!" Kassomer cried out, his eyes snapping wide open - and got what was the biggest shock of his life to date.


The boy stared hard; it was difficult to believe, but there was no doubt about it. He was home, near his favorite hillside, and looking up at the rosy-cheeked, frightened face of his elder sister Jharri.

The plump young woman (who was more than twice his size and strength) had lifted him bodily and was carrying him. For the first time since the nightmare started, Kass felt alert and at peace with his surroundings. "Jharri, what happened? How did you find me...OW!"

He tried to reach up to touch her face, but his arm ached abominably and would not move. Jharri seemed to notice something in the distance; she picked up her pace. "Easy, brother, you'll be all right. Sheriff, I found him! He's hurt; his arm's broken!"

The Sheriff of Faihrell appeared with his search party around another hillside. "Good work, miss; we've got the other one." He gestured to the falcon perched upon his wrist. "Peetey found him over there by the rocks; suffered a concussion and several bites from some kind of wild animal."

Kass saw Otto wrapped in a large blanket, being supported between The blacksmith and Kass' other sister Roda. Sighing with relief, he called out to him. "Otto, are you all right? What happened?"

The younger boy started to answer, but was cut off by a stern look from the Blacksmith. "I'd like to hear both your stories back home, after you've been cleaned up a bit. We want to know what you were doing out in the middle of nowhere all night, so near to the Black Sands! You scared the whole town silly!"

Otto shut his eyes and groaned. "I didn't go out to the Sands. Someone broke into the house and hit me on the head - after that, it's all a jumble of...of..." he groped for a word.

"Nightmares." Kass answered with a shudder. "Horrible nightmares."

"Not nightmares, my friend - visions. Visions caused by me."

The voice caused everyone to jump; they looked about, but there was no one visible. The voice came again, weak and ill-sounding, but with a grim determination behind it. "I'm willing to talk, to explain everything. But I won't show myself if you don't promise to not harm me."

Kass shook his head violently; he remembered that voice. "Ishmael! Is that you?"

The voice came again; it sounded relieved. "I thought you'd recognize me. Have I your word I won't be harmed?"

The Sheriff spoke for the assembly, still stroking his falcon. "You won't be harmed. Though how did you sneak up on us without Peetey spying you?"

A gasp went up from the assembly as a small puff of violet-blue flame flashed up, and vanished, revealing Ishmael standing there. The goblin's body was a mass of swellings and bruises; one eye was completely blackened and puffed shut. Tears of heartbreak were streaming from his good eye; he looked almost human in his grief. "I am a Goblin - I have some limited magical powers, which until recently I have used in my kings service. I do apologize for your wounds, you two; I swear to you I meant no harm. "

Otto blinked, groping for comprehension. "Then.... what happened last night was real?"

"Not exactly. But I won't talk here; take these two to help first. You have MY word I'll stay with you." He held out his thin, scarred hands. "You can tie me up, if it makes you feel better; goblins can't escape human-made bonds."

Having heard of goblins but never before encountered one, the Sheriff accepted the offer immediately. As he placed a thin rope noose about Ishmael's neck, he tried to not appear as scared as he was, snarling, "And why would a cavespawn like you want to betray your kindred?"

Ishmael's eyes beaded with fresh tears; he thrust his jaw out truculently. "Because that...that...fat slime who calls himself the king had my brother executed, and I want no more to do with him, or his evil schemes!"


Back in Faihrell, a bandaged and tidied-up Otto and Kass sat with the rest of the Blacksmith's family and the Sheriff, in the crowded main hall of a tavern. Still bound about the neck, Ishmael sat upon Kass' knee, relating his story.

"Several hundred years ago, the King discovered quite by accident that we Goblin's had the ability to mess with human's visions and dreams, if we could get close enough to touch them. He wanted to use it for his own ends, so he taught us all how to do it. You see, far across that ocean, there's a passageway to the Skyway; Goblin's can't enter it without a mortal creature's help." Realizing he had lost his audience, he sighed. "Does ANYONE here know what the Skyway is?"

No one moved. Ishmael sighed. "It would take too long to explain. Let's just say, It's a place where one has the ability to control one's destiny - you can be anything you want, if you have enough imagination to dream it. But you have to know the secret to it - otherwise you'll get caught up in other's dreams and end up in a fantasy like the one these two experienced last night. The King knows the secret to its power, or at least he thinks he does. It has to do with some kind of special stones, or was it crystals? Anyhow, that's what he wants, if someone can get them for him.

"See, Goblin's can't get to the Skyway, not without a mortal to open the passageway for us. The King has tried over the centuries several methods of getting sailors and ships out there to get it open, but they all either stayed or came back raving mad; they couldn't figure out how to open the passage. Someone finally got it open about a century ago, but that's all we could get from him - he, too had been driven mad. He did bring back the key and the map, but only a human can use it to find the island where the Skyway's passage is."

"The King thought if we found a young, imaginative human, we could test him by giving him a bit of a taste of what the Skyway is like, so far as we know about it; it was a test of endurance. Then we'd use him to get us to the Skyway, and steal it's power. That's why we kidnapped him - Otto was in the wrong place at the wrong time; I had to knock him out, I had no choice. I don't know why I dragged him back with me; maybe I had some thought that two was a better prize than one, I don't know."

His voice choked; he paused to clear his throat, trying to say calm. "Ritherial (my brother), he let me keep Otto a secret from the king, because any outsider humans were to be executed. I didn't want anyone getting hurt, I swear; we just treated Otto the same way we did Kass because we didn't know how to get rid of him. But we were halfway through the dream test when the King found out about the second boy - Ritherial tried to save me -he told him it was his fault and not mine. The King executed him, beat me and these two, and left us out in the elements to die! The filthy, scummy..." he buried his face in his hands.

Kass felt for the goblin -having brothers and sisters of his own, he could imagine the pain Ishmael felt at Ritherial's loss. Regaining his composure, The goblin raised his head. "The King's going to keep trying - unless someone else gets there and finds some way to keep Goblins out for good, other innocents are going to get hurt, like my brother and these two here. But I may have managed to stall all that for a little while."

From a pocket in his dirt-crusted garment, the Goblin drew forth three things - a shining silver necklace, with a gold pendant in the shape of a flying moth; a large green gemstone, like one of his own glowing eyes; and a flat slab of reddish shale. "I stole these things from his majesty - when he finds out, he'll be furious, but he can't possibly know it was me that did it. These things are the key and map; I've no idea how they work. I'm giving them to you people - you can keep them safe from the King and his plots. Who knows, maybe someday, one of you will figure out how to use them, find the Skyway, and put an end to the madness once and for all."

Even as Ishmael was talking, Kass knew what he was going to do. A place where you can do anything, be was what he had always wanted! Within the space of a few seconds, he began working out a scheme, ignoring the townspeople pledging to keep the goblin and his trinkets safe.

Otto's thoughts were similar; he hissed warningly in Kass' ear. "Don't even think about it. We're in enough trouble already."

But Kass was past listening; for his wild dream for adventure was finally, FINALLY coming true!

War_Banshee127 Posted: Feb 22nd 2012

Chapter nine: Destruction of the island
The island was at it's knees. The lava was destroying the island. A patrol of fire dragons flew over the island. They fire there lava balls at the island. They cause a earthquake and more lava to flood. The island was sinking into the sea. The kingdom of the goblins was being destroyed

"NO! MY KINGDOM!" yelled the king

(Sorry so short but i have to get off for a while )

"Quick! We need to get out of here!" Said Kass

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 22nd 2012

(a continuation)

Startled mid-snore by the noise, Otto awoke and turned to look at his friend. "What is it? Get out of where?"

The older boy blinked, realizing suddenly that he was back in his home, sprawled on an uncomfortable straw mattress with his dislocated elbow in a sling. Ishmael sat on a stool beside him, a look of apology on his ugly features. "Sorry about that. But you did ask."

It took Kass a moment to remember what the goblin was referring to. He shook the last cobwebs of sleepiness from his head and rubbed his eyes with his good hand. "Phew, that was...was...I don't know what it was. How did you do that?"

Ishmael shrugged his thin shoulders. "Like I said, it's almost instinct now, I've done it for so long. I could drive anyone in this town mad within an hour, if I felt so inclined."

Kass shook his head and rubbed his face again. "I don't doubt you could, friend. How are you feeling, Otto?"

Otto dreams and visions of the first encounter with the Goblins had been distinctly different (and much more frightening) than Kassomer's - it had scared him so much he had almost blotted it from his memory, and he had no wish to return. Thusly, he had not participated in Ishmael's demonstration, which Kassomer had requested out of curiosity. "Well, like a sensible person, I slept the night through uninterrupted. Though some of these wounds still hurt like blazes."

The conversation was interrupted by Jharri, who entered the small upper-floor room with a cauldron of stew. Plonking it down on the floor, she pulled forth some wooden bowls from her apron and tossed them to the occupants of the room. She spoke gruffly, though there was a distinct twinkle in her eye.

"Here we are; food for the prisoners. You'd better eat hearty - you've got a long day ahead of you. Father and Sheriff were up all night discussing something about you two, and the creature."

The two boys and the Goblin eagerly attacked the meal; Kass winced as Otto accidentally bumped into his injured arm. "Mmmm, this smells good. So, they were discussing, eh? I hope it has something to do about when we're allowed to leave this room - this is the third day since we got hurt."

Roda, Kass' other elder sister, came in just in time to catch the end of the remark. Placing a pitcher and three beakers on the small table in the room, she shook her head. "You know the Sheriff, and father - both as cautious as cautious gets. They don't want you or Otto to be seen outside this building until it's been a reasonable passage of time for the Goblins to stop hunting their stolen treasures. Some poor farmers' dog got beaten nearly to death last night, so we know they're still out there."

Ishmael sat his bowl aside with a sigh. "I should have known they wouldn't give up. Well, at least it wasn't another human hurt. Any news on what is to become of me? Not everyone around here seems to agree with your keeping me here."

Jharri squeezed in between Kass and Otto, helping herself to some stew. "I'm afraid it's not yet been decided. The Sheriff seems to think you're all right, so he should have some influence on public opinion."

Roda gestured over her shoulder. "Rodd and Todd are listening in, so they should be able to tell us what's going on, once there's any news."

Kass smiled as a series of thuds and bumps filled the air, approaching the room. "I think that's them coming now."

The room became even more crowded when the rest of Kass' siblings burst in, panting and disheveled. They a pair of twin boys, both only slightly younger than Otto; nearly always in a state of excitement, their policy in life was to never walk when one could run. They were both panting, and out of breath - it was obvious something momentous had occured.

Todd regained his breath first. "We're going traveling! All of us - the whole family! And the Goblin too!"

Rodd interrupted. "The Sheriff sent Peetey to fly to the Baron's castle with a message about whats been going on here in the town; he just got back today."

Todd took up the tale. "The Baron wants Kass, Otto, and the Goblin to come up to his castle and bring the key-and-map, so he can give a verdict on this whole crazy situation."

Now it was Rodd's turn. "But Father didn't want to split up the family for fear of anyone getting hurt, so the Sheriff's arranged for all of us to go!"

Jharri was mortified. "But, that's a three-day journey, even on horseback! And none of us have ever traveled overnight, through the woods!"

Otto raised a hand. "I have. My parents' farm is one of the more outlying ones- it's almost two days from here."

"But, don't you have to sleep on the dirt?" Demanded Jharri. "And isn't it dangerous, with wild beasts? And what would we eat? And who'd wash the clothes, or feed the chickens, or make the beds, or...."

Kass halted his sister. "I'm sure one of our neigbors would watch the house and feed the chickens. As for the rest, if Otto's done it and survived, I'm sure the rest of us have a decent shot at it." He winked.

Ishmael's face suddenly lit up with malevolent glee. "I just thought of something. The King won't go near those woods, or let others go; too many kinds of plant make him swell up in rashes - big, painful rashes. So we should be safe from goblins....though I can't speak for bears or dragons or poisonous snakes."

It was meant as a joke, but it was the wrong thing to say - Jharri fled screaming from the room. Roda treated the Goblin to a glare that would have split rocks. "Now see what you've done. We'll have enough to worry about without her in hysterics the whole way." She too, left the room, in pursuit of her sister.

Kass patted Ishmael's shoulder. "Don't worry about her - both my sisters have barks far worse than their bites. Well, Otto, looks like I might get a chance to put our plan into action..."

"YOUR plan." Otto hastily corrected him. "I want nothing to do with it, do you hear? Nothing?"

Todd and Rodd were also in on the scheme which Kass was referring to - they were easily convinced of anything and Kass was very persuasive. Rodd spoke first this time. "But, just think of it!"

(Now Todd) "The Baron's the only one who has the money to get a real ship."

(Rodd again). "If we could convince anyone to let us set sail, he's the one. And now's a golden opportunity to do it!"

Otto's eyes still held a haunted look from his past horrors. "I still want nothing to do with it. You're asking for trouble - the Baron's even more strict than the Blacksmith, from what I've heard. You could get imprisoned, or worse!"

The sobering thought quelled the excitement for a moment. Kass grumbled a bit. "Well, I think it's worth a try. If Ishmael could only think how to use these odd little things to find that island..."

Now Otto really looked horrified; his voice raised several octaves in panic. "The ISLAND? Have you already forgotten those horrors? Those nightmares? Kass, you've gone completely out of your senses - why on earth would you want to go someplace where that terror is real? Please, PLEASE think twice about this!"

Of course, Kassomer had no intention of doing any such thing; however, he took pity on Otto. "All right, all right. I didn't say I WOULD, just that it might be worth a try. Calm down before you break your spectacles. And You two..." Here he gestured to his brothers, "why don't you go back downstairs and see what else you can find out. Best we be prepared."


Late that night, a band of travelers led by the Sheriff departed the main township of Faihrell on horseback, riding across the farmlands towards the dark woods. Being cautious, (As Roda had said), the Sheriff had brought along several sturdy fellow townsmen to accompany the family on their way to the Baron's castle.

Riding in the center of the formation, with a whimpering Ishmael latched like a leech to his back (goblins fear falling more than most anything else), Kass looked up at the stars. Even though he was surrounded by his family and stolid fellow Faihrellites, he had never felt as free, as happy, as he did in this moment. Today was the start of a new adventure - who knew what would await them during their travels. And, even better, there was the possibility of actually pulling off his wild scheme, if he could keep Otto's gloom and doom predictions under wraps. Even when they entered the dark forest, and the stars disappeared from view, the feeling of elation did not abate.

The Sheriff had allowed Peetey to scout ahead; the highly-trained falcon returned to perch on his master's shoulder. He seemed unusually alert, his sharp little face jerking this way and that as if he were ill-at-ease.

The Sheriff called a halt. " Hold there, men. Peetey's found something up ahead."

The column came to a stop; the Sheriff listened intently. "Listen, everyone - can you hear that?"

Ishmael had the biggest ears, and the best hearing, of the group - he cupped a hand to his ear. "Sounds like something big snoring - no, breathing, it's woken up."

Immediately, all the traveler's hands went to the weapons they had been issued with. For several minutes, there was complete silence; the Sheriff broke it with a sigh of relief. "Well, I guess it must have been a bear wandering by. They don't attack big groups like ours. Besides, these woods are safe as a newborn babe in the daytime, so it stands to reason they'd be the same at.....YEEEEAH!!!"

A big, black, winged SOMETHING slammed into him, toppling his horse (and himself) to the grround. Roda screamed as the something grabbed her by the hair; she shouted and yelled and struggled, but it was no use - the thing took flight again, sailing off into the air to hover high above them.

Enraged at the embarrassment, the Sheriff put arrow to bow; the blacksmith stopped him from firing. "No! You might hit my daughter!"

Kass pointed. "Look, It's trying to say something!"

From it's position on high, the SOMETHING shouted down to them - it's voice was faint at the great distance. "Meet my demands, or I eat her! Give me what I want, or she's mine!"

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 26th 2012

chapter ten: danger for the heroes

The something was what appeared to be a flying squirrel commanded by darth vader.
Roda was shrieking as the squirrel mistook her for a nut and started trying to pick at her head. Then out of nowhere, darth vader was thrown down to the ground, screaming in agony as a giant turtle stood proudly behind. Afraid, Roda lassod the turtle and they both fell to their death.

War_Banshee127 Posted: Feb 27th 2012

Chapter Eleven: A Fellow
A person stands on a mountain looking at the heroes in danger. The person skids down the mountain to the heroes. The person looks down at the heroes. Kass goes to the person. "Hello, And who might you be?" Asked Kass. The Person Says with a deep low voice. "The name's War Banshee.. Leader of the War Banshee team." Said The person. "WAR BANSHEE?!" Yelled Kass

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