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mk7 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

For those of you who like the Best Story Ever Written, who were just about to post, but found someone had just posted the next chapter! All you have to do is say what chapter it is or was from so we can compare it to the original! :)

mk7 Posted: Feb 21st 2012


The goblins ushered them down the hall into the king's chambers. Real-Kass trailed behind, knowing (and dreading) what was to come. The doors were opened, the gaurds leering and grinning at them as the moved past. This king was more round and greedier than the last, if that was even possible. They entered the room. The king grinned a malevolent grin.

"What are you doing here my pretties?" said the king. He said 'Pretties' the way you might say 'stinking pile of poop'

Kass had had a bad day, and his sadness has making him cocky. "Escaping the lava, dur da dur" he said angrily

The king dropped the act "Okay, no more Mr.Nice Goblin, eh? Now, which of you should I kill first? How bout the sassy boy? Gaurds!"

Suddenly, Otto spoke up "No! Take me instead!"

The King looked at him. "Oke-Doke! Then the other will have tolive with the pain of seeing you die. I like that."

The Gaurds brought Otto before the king. They raised their spears. memory-Kass looked away, but real-Kass suddenly screamed.

"NO!" the short anguished sound tore itself from his throat. Suddenly, the swirling colors of the memory turned shades of blue, and all the other people froze. Kassomer waded through the haze until he was infront of the gaurds. With a lot of effort, he removed the spears from their hands. But what was going on? This didnt happen. He knew Otto's fate. He'd seen it. What... Kass fainted.

When he awoke, the first thing he saw were Otto's spectacles.Otto's spectacles and Otto's face. He wasnt in the memory anymore, so how could Otto be here? Otto was dead.

"I seem to remember something about a rather fat goblin," said Otto conversationally.

Kass fainted again.

This time, when he woke up, Kass was able to stay in such a state for more than a few seconds.

"Y-You died," he managed after awhile

"I did," agreed Otto

"How can you be here? I remember... remembering. I was remembering what happened, and then my memory changed. I stopped.. your death," said Kass

"Indeed," said Otto "I also remember two sets of events. In one I die, In the other, you save me."

"But...How? And why are you suddenly so smart? And... and... unwimpy?" said Kass, his confusion making him bad tempered

"Ah, I have two theories. One is that, since the last thing I did was a selfless act, I came back brave. The other is that when you revived me, you put a little bit of yourself in me." said Otto

"When I saved you?”said Kass “I only imagined saving you!”

Otto looked at him, rather condescendingly “The goblins wanted you for your imagination. You can change what you want changed, just by thinking about it. You can alter what you want altered just by wishing it so! With an imagination like that, you could rule the world!”

EmmyRed18 Posted: Feb 21st 2012

I copied and pasted this in front of my chapter, giving you credit for it. :) Sorry for the mix-up. You have some SERIOUS writing skills, my friend!

mk7 Posted: Feb 22nd 2012

Thanks, though I'm terrible with brainstorming my own ideas. Thats why I like this. If the base idea is good (and yours DEFINITELY was) then I can formulate ideas around it

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