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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

Hi guys,

Looks like we're having a few technical hitches with the site that's causing everyone's posts to be on moderation.

It should be fixed tomorrow morning so please bear with us. In the mean time you will still be able to post but will have to click the red bar to read things

Sorry for the incovenience! I will make virtual cups of tea for all involved!

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

Ahh, that makes sense ;) Thanks for letting us know :D

Nathan M Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

Thats good, thanks for resolving it

evastar7 Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

thank you katie there has been a couple of probloms with that! :)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Feb 23rd 2012

ahh everything makes sense now

Roosterlee Posted: Feb 25th 2012

I noticed that the other day. I understand why it says that now! Thanks!

Fionah Posted: Feb 28th 2012

Thanks katie!

AListu Posted: Mar 6th 2012

Is this still being worked on or are my comments needing approval because I am a newbie?

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 7th 2012

Hi AListu, yes your comments are being moderated at the moment because you're new to the site, but don't worry it won't be forever :)

The forums are now closed. For all the latest Wallace & Gromit activity and discussion visit the news section of the website

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