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mk7 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Ok, two threads have just been banned due to conversations about homosexuality, but our previous discussions were interesting, mainly jovial (minus a few disputes) and i would like to continue (we swear not to continue discussing homosexuality) . Is that all right Aardman staff? Sorry for the inconvenience if its not, just lock this thread! :D

puppylove Posted: Mar 16th 2012

WHAT! THIS ISNT FAIR! that religion treat was the ONLY one i wrote that had a good quantity of views and had interest people!bring it back please!!!!!!!!!!!!! im very upset now:'(

puppylove Posted: Mar 16th 2012

besides, its against the rules to copy other peoples ideas so... YEAH!

puppylove Posted: Mar 16th 2012


mk7 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Whoa, Whoa, blaming other people is what got religion and how old is walace debate locked. Cracking Toast had some fair, just veiws. It just got out of hand. dont get this locked, or we cant start again!

mk7 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

So, to get (re)started, lets do religion profiles, something that tells us a little about yourself, sort of like a trading card design thing. Here's mine. After several people have posted, we can discuss

Religion?: Theist (believes in god)
Other spiritual things you believe to exist?: Demons, Angels
Evolution?: True
Big Bang?: Happened
Who gets into heaven?: Everybody who led a just life
Any plans on converting to another religion?: Maybe
If so what?: Some form of christianity, maybe Mormonism or Protestantism,

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Ok, I think it's best not to do this thread, let's just wait for awhile, let people cool off after the heated discussion of the last one.

mk7 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Ok, puppylove, this isnt exactly copying, because I'm sure now that religion is locked, loads of people are going to be sad, so by starting it again we can continue to discuss important topics.
Notice I'm not shouting? Let's everyone make a rule that we wont yell (Aka caps lock) at eachother on here. It's easy to take stuff out of context online, due to lack of facial cues telling us whether the person is kidding or not. Lets all just get along

mk7 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

@GLB thats true but we should keep on discussing. If people dont have anything nice to say they shouldnt post at all. Remember this is a family website! Little kids could read this, so lets not make it bad

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Ok, if this does go ahead, let's just ignore any comment mentioning homosexuality from anyone. It wil only end badly.

mk7 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Thank you GLB. I would like this thread to be an informative experience to all involved. We could possibly "Dumb Down" some of the more serious subjects. If anyone has questions, just ask and me or (probably) some of the more experienced site members (such as LoveShaun19 or IanTimothy or Banjo Boy or Gromits little bro) can answer your questions.

Although i personally agree with returnofthecrackingtoast's veiws on "the subject" i think he was a little feirce in his delivery, angering several people. Let's just be nice!

mk7 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Oh, puppylove, no more thats what she said jokes, ok? Their gross, not everyone here understands them, and they dont make sense where u are putting them anyway.
Btw, r u a boy or a girl? What about u GLB? i'm female, if anyones wondering

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 16th 2012

im not sure u should start a thread that is the same as one been locked
it was locked because there were too many arguments

mk7 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Well, at the same time there was another thread locked about another argument on the same topic, so i think while it is arguments, it is also the topic, it had nothing to do with the thread in both cases, and caused spite in both cases
We'll see if it gets locked or not maybe we can redeem ourselves

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 16th 2012

@puppylove it doesn't seem right to me that someone should remake your thread but it's not all crackingtoast's fault
every one who argued with another user was to blame which was most of us

mk7 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

true enough, but its not HIS thread technically anyway he gave it to love shaun 19. And your right, MrTechnoTrousers, its not all crackingtoasts fault, however, its not everyone who argued faults because goodnatured informative arguing is fine, but yelling and caps lock is not, and I admit to doing that on the other thread, but i hope we can get along here

@puppylove Wait, ARE u a he?

@MrTechnoTrousers Do you want to post a bio/thing about your beliefs like i did above?

What about u GLB or u puppylove?

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Religion?: Christianity
Other spiritual things you believe to exist?: -
Evolution?: True
Big Bang?: True
Who gets into heaven?: Anyone that led a good life
Any plans on converting to another religion?: no

LoveShaun19 Posted: Mar 16th 2012

Mk, did you see my post about my thoughts in general about poularity and wrong and right? It was part of a new discussion. Here it is. Any comments? ( thank you for continuing this thread by the way. :)
"Mk, all I can say is ( respectfully) that I know what I believe to be true, and that is what I'll continue to believe. In the case of things being popular, sometimes one should rely on simple good judgment and common sense.( Please just take this as advice and not like I'm " getting on" you or anything. here are my thoughts on deciding what is right in the face of popular/unpopular opinion) Just because something changes in popularity ( good or bad) doesn’t change what it is at the root of the issue. Popularity and opinion is never a good thing to base your beliefs off of whether it is something that was unpopular and them became more so, or the other way around. One always has to judge things for what they are, not what they are viewed as, because ultimately it is what you believe and what you do based off that belief is what you are held accountable for, and if you went along, or against something, truly knowing in your heart what is wrong or right, and choosing to ( maybe not even concisely at the time) to ignore it, that is what matters, not what is viewed as acceptable or not acceptable by the world. Your personal thoughts and actions are the only things that speak for yourself. Judge something by what is true, what you know, and common sense. ( In my case, the Bible is what I base my beliefs off of, and it is my foundation for thinking). " Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things." (Philippians chapter 4 verse 8 ) And practice them too. Judge things by these standards and see if you can honestly, truly, in your heart, believe that ( whatever issue that arises) is in accordinance with this, regardless of what popularity, opinion, media, peer pressure and the world tell you. If one can Truly say " this thing/thought/practice ( whatever) is in accordance with these standards." , chances are good, that it is the truth, ( as long as you are truly, honest with yourself). Just as reversely, if something does not " hold up" as it were, then can one truly, honestly, comfortably, convince themselves it is right? If we are really honest, and pure with our judgments we should see what is right and wrong clearer. Unfortunately, our human desires, and wants cloud our thoughts; and sometimes ( even sometimes without fully realizing it) we don't want to know the truth."

puppylove Posted: Mar 16th 2012

its against the rules! your coping me! i would probably start it again MYSELF cause this happened or probably the aardman staff would unlock it! who gave u the right to do it again! this is MY threat! ur just slealing it from me! u thought of coping my threat a little to fast didnt u? u know what else sucks? it seems like the aardman staff only pays attention to things like this and the drawing copetition. and not even that!

puppylove Posted: Mar 16th 2012

and i already know your all gonna defend mk7 and say im a terrible person or whatever so dont even bother...

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 17th 2012

Puppylove, once your thread is unlocked, we will all head back there. It was locked once before wasn't it?

Mk I'm a boy, although I don't think it's relevant.

Loveshaun, please don't repost comments from the other thread, especially ones that fuelled the argument, it will only reignite.

mk7 Posted: Mar 17th 2012

@puppylove I didnt know it would hurt ur feelings to start a new thread. I personnally dont care how many views this gets, I just want to hear other peoples views on the subject. GLB is right, if yours is unlocked, we'll all go back there. However, if you continue to insult me, i will report it cuz it can be considered harassment.

@loveshaun thank u for sharing ur views, but i think GLB is right. lets not re-inflame arguments from the last thread. Does anyone else want to share anything or do one of those "bios" so we can learn about your beliefs? Lets get this started, so we can stop arguing about stuff that doesnt have to do with the topic. Thanks! :)

LoveShaun19 Posted: Mar 17th 2012

Oh, I wasn't trying to reflame an argument, I was just speaking about right and wrong generally and how I think is a good Idea to judge it by, even in the face of popular/unpopular opinion. The above was like an article. However, I understand your concern about the thread being blocked, I didn't think my above post would cause it to be blocked, but I'm sorry if I caused concern.
here's my bio
Religion?: Christian( beleives Jesus is the Son of God, who came to earth, died on the cross, rose again, so that if we beleive this and are willing to give our lives to him, we can have eternal life( go to heaven).
Other spiritual things you believe to exist?: Angels, devil, demons
Evolution?: false
Big Bang?: didn't happen/ God created the Earth in seven days( Genisis chapter 1-on)
Who gets into heaven?( beleives Jesus is the Son of God, who came to earth, died on the cross, rose again, so that if we beleive this and are willing to give our lives to him, we can have eternal life( go to heaven). like I said at the start.
Any plans on converting to another religion?: none,never
If so what?: none

LoveShaun19 Posted: Mar 17th 2012

Hey mk, I saw that one of your options of conversion is mormonism. I'm guessing you must know a fair amount about it if you're trying to decide between it and Protestantism( like, I’m guessing you got info on both). I don't know that much about what the mormons believe. You think you could fill me in? :)

Banjo Boy Posted: Mar 17th 2012

Religion: Protestant Christian
Spiritual beings that I believe exist: The Trinity (father: God, son: Jesus, Holy Spirit), one devil, angels, demons
Evolution: False
Big Bang: Did not happen
Who gets into heaven: Only those who accept Jesus Christ as their one and only savior.
Planning on converting to another religion: Never.

mk7 Posted: Mar 17th 2012

Puppylove i have reported you for writing
"Mk7 I hate you now! I will not come here to write WHAT should be in MY! PAGE!"
I speak spanish and i can recognize Portuguese when i see it....How do u even know Portuguese?

@Loveshaun19 Mormonism has belief in christ, and does the communion, it believes in the Bible and Book of Mormon as true scriptures, they believe that there are phrophets that still today have a connection with god, They believe in the atonement of christ, and following the commandments of god.

wallace05man Posted: Mar 17th 2012

here we go again... *facepalm*

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 17th 2012

what is the point of restarting the thread as people r arguing already

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 17th 2012

this arguing is the reason the last religion thread got locked
and to prevent future arguments i think this thread should just be locked

mk7 Posted: Mar 17th 2012

Haha wallacem05man :) but in my defense, puppylove is not defending any belief or even anything to do with the threads topic, he's just being mean. Like i said above, if religion gets unlocked, we can go back to it

mk7 Posted: Mar 17th 2012

@MrTechnoTrousers Did you see my disscussion with LoveShaun19? We were being perfectly freindly. puppylove is simply being antagonistic, in fact I think they might be trying to get this shut down and get theres unlocked by starting unnesesay arguments. I am just ignoring them now.

@puppylove y do you keep blaming me? I'm not the one who got your thread locked (that was several peoples) and I am not the one who actually locked it (that was the moderation.) So please, stop attacking me so we can move on. This is the last i'm going to say to you until you start being nice. :/

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 17th 2012

good to here u aren't gonna get involved in more arguments

mk7 Posted: Mar 18th 2012

yeah. lol i went to see Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" I felt like i was in one of our debates! They are always picking on this Jewish man, insulting him, not calling him by his real name, just "Jew" I'm glad it's not like that today as much!

mk7 Posted: Mar 18th 2012

Ok, so now that things have cooled down a bit, lets get to the matter at hand. Lets go with evolution 4 now to get started. What makes you believe in it or not?

I believe that evolution is true, because there is incontrovertible truth from Darwin. At first, the Christian church didn't except it, but today it is widely accepted. Believing in it doesnt violate the laws of the church, in fact in many cases science and religion work together. Also evolution is a theory, which means it is a hypothesis that has been proved many times over beyond the shadow of a doubt :)

I wonder what the moderators think on subjects like these? Katie, Kirsten, you can join in if you like :)

@LoveShaun19 did my information on Mormonism help any?

puppylove Posted: Mar 18th 2012

whatever i dont care anymore! they can expel me from this site and i dont care! this is not fair and this treat should be blocked! now im really not coming here anymore no matter how bored i get! thanks alot mk7! bacca!!!!!!

mk7 Posted: Mar 18th 2012

So what did you think LoveShaun19? can you tell me about some of the beliefs of Baptists?

@puppylove, what does bacca mean? I know in Italian it means berry, and in Latin it means gem. If its a biblical reference it means weeping. Somehow, i think its the latter....

LoveShaun19 Posted: Mar 18th 2012

Thanks mk! ( Sorry I haven't been able to check the thread for a bit) Anyway yeah, it did help. What do the Mormons believe about Jesus? Do you know?
The Baptists believe what I posted in my earlier bio about Christianity. We're not a separate religion, just a denomination, or faction if you will. like Methodists. Basically Christian Denominations just differ slightly in some interpretations of the Bible, but the principal of the Christian belief is the same. Like, for example there are Baptists and Southern Baptists ( which are a little more traditional). Not all different denominations you might come across are Christian though. You have to be aware or find out which is which, cause sometimes people might judge a Christian Denomination by a non-Christian one, or confuse a separate religion that does not share Christian beliefs with another Christian denomination. Sometimes you have to do some research because a lot of religions might present themselves as similar to Christian denomination, but once you start studying what they actually believe, it's totally different at the root. ( Just some tips to help distinguish :) I know a lot of people get confused with the differences of Christian denominations and another religion/belief entirely)

mk7 Posted: Mar 18th 2012

Ok, cool, i think i get it.

Mormons believe Jesus is the son of god, that he saved us from our sins and death.

Yay, i'm proud of myself. I usually write a LOT. This is short and simple :)

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 19th 2012

Hi everyone, everyone is going to have different opinions on this subject which we don't want to lead to arguments or anyone being upset / offended like we saw on the other religion thread. So for now I'm afraid both religion threads will stay locked.

The forums are now closed. For all the latest Wallace & Gromit activity and discussion visit the news section of the website

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