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samuelhayward Posted: Mar 21st 2012

:wallace3:Only 7 days till pirates is out everyone! Whoooo!

evastar7 Posted: Mar 21st 2012

yay lol cant wait!!!!!!

LoveShaun19 Posted: Mar 21st 2012

hoping to go see it. :)

Fionah Posted: Mar 21st 2012

At a cinema that is close-ish to me they are screening Pirates where you have to come dressed as a Pirate and the best costume wins a prize!

samuelhayward Posted: Mar 21st 2012

Cool Fionah Don't say but I'd like to know where that is.

harryboy8080 Posted: Mar 21st 2012

So, 7 days until my birthday, aswell.

samuelhayward Posted: Mar 22nd 2012

6 days now

Fionah Posted: Mar 22nd 2012

@samuelhayward - They are doing it at the Picture House Cinemas up and down the country. If you type ''pirates! in an adventure with scientists screening come dressed as a pirate'' into google lots of results come up.

Hope I have helped

samuelhayward Posted: Mar 23rd 2012

5 days now

Hazzahoo Posted: Mar 23rd 2012

im goning after school when its on
cant wait:D

samuelhayward Posted: Mar 26th 2012

2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samuelhayward Posted: Mar 28th 2012

IT'S TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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