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yianni Posted: Mar 31st 2012

lot's of people don't understand me because i use animation language alot so who wants to use the language of aniimation here and give each other tips and stuff and try and get katie and some other aardman staff to write as well lets try and persuade nick park to write

Hazzahoo Posted: Apr 1st 2012

my freinds think the same about me they. not so long ago i didnt have my reading book but did have a animation book so i had to read that to the teacher but she didnt understand a word of it ha ha ha ha ha:D

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Apr 1st 2012

why would nick park comment????!!!!

yianni Posted: Apr 1st 2012

don't know but i really want him to because it would be awesome we have to ask katie:D

Gromit5429 Posted: May 4th 2012

I wonder if Nick Park has a facebook account if he does you might be able to talk to him there.

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